A 10-year-old Kid Avi Sharma from Indore rewrites Ramayan

The rerun of Ramayan on DD National channel has truly influenced thousands of people, especially the young generation who were watching it for the first time. One such inspiring example is Avi Sharma, a 10-year-old kid from Indore, Madhya Pradesh who has re-written his own version of Ramayan and he was inspired after watching a Ramayan episode.

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Avi wrote his version of Ramayan in Hindi and it has a total of 250 ‘chans’. When media interacted with this young talented boy, Avi said, “he has named his version of Ramayan as Bal-Mukhi Ramayana”. While talking about how he got this inspiration for re-writing, he said — “The Ramayana serial has inspired me a lot, one day when I woke up and felt that Saraswati maa has given me the first chan of Ramayana”. Have a look at his interview given to a channel:

He also shared the reason for creating a shorter version of Ramayan. He said , “As people are very busy nowadays, this version of Ramayan will help people to understand in a better way.” Avi named the Ramayana as “Bal-Mukhi Ramayana”. This 10 year kid is inspiration to all of us.