A beautiful story of three saints explaining the core of happiness to a woman

According to an interesting ancient story, there were three saints in a small village. Once upon a time, they were passing by a house while going towards their destination. They were stopped by the woman of the house and she urged the saints to visit her home for food.

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When the saints asked her if her husband is at home, she denied. Then the saints told her that they would visit and have food together after her husband comes come. After some time, when her husband and daughter came back home, she urged all the three saints to visit home. But one of the saints replied they don’t visit any house together.

When the woman asked the reason for this, they replied their names are money, success and love. They tell the woman to ask her husband whom they want to invite to their home. Her husband asked to call the money-named saint as they would become rich by doing this.

On the contrary side, the woman insisted to call success-named saint as she wanted success for her family and her daughter. In the meantime, their daughter said they should call saint whose name was love. She said there is nothing more important and pure than love. So they all agreed on inviting love.

Then money and success, the other saints, also started following him. After seeing it, the woman questioned other saints why they were also following? The saints replied that where there is love, money and success follow. As the woman invited love, all three were going to their house.