A bridge symbolising love, determination and courage – Ram Setu

As the protagonist of Ramayan, Shri Ram is a representation of many virtues which makes him beautiful in and out. Being the beloved son of Maharaj Dasarath, the heir to the kingdom of Ayodhya and the adorable of all bought him many responsibilities than comforts in life. But he conducted all his responsibilities with righteousness, courage and humility. His greatest support was Mata Sita in each and every step of his life and her love gave him infinite strength to achieve the impossible.


When his life support Mata Sita was separated from Shri Ram due to the deceit of Ravan, the sorrow of Shri Ram is unimaginable. However, with the assurance of Lakshman, he revives his hope again and moves ahead in search of her. After overcoming all obstacles with the help of Hanuman and Sugriv, Shri Ram reaches the mighty Ocean. The task of crossing the vast waters to reach his life breath Mata Sita stands in front of him.
Shri Ram did have the power to dry up the mighty Ocean and walk ahead, but as a noble warrior he respects the laws of Nature and seeks help from Samudradev. When Samudradev gives them the solution to bridge the waters with a Setu, it looks impossible, but Shri Ram does not lose hope and trust his instincts and team to build the bridge. So inordinate is his courage that even a small squirrel to gets inspired to be a part of this great task. The Ram Setu is a symbol of a truthful man’s determination which dares any challenge.

The Ram Setu is just not a bridge on the Ocean, but a representation of pure love and the great affection Shri Ram had for Mata Sita. Shri Ram was never known for his outward display of love for Mata Sita but, the Ram Setu breaks all those notions about him, when his love as deep as the Ocean for Mata Sita is depicted by bridging the mighty waters. This impossible task of his portrays the importance he gave to the relation of a wife and a husband. Fulfilling his duty as a husband and with with unbounded love on Mata Sita, Shri Ram proves that true love overcomes any huge Oceans of obstacles.


Shri Ram outshines himself for another noble attribute of him here where he gives due credit to Nal, Neel and the Vanar warriors for making the Ram Setu possible. A great leader always acknowledges his team’s contribution and believes in “we” rather than “me”. By accrediting the success of building the bridge to his entire army, Shri Ram makes the Ram Setu a benchmark for teamwork. He builds up the confidence of his army by which they put in all their heart and energy and complete the vast 100 Yojanas Bridge in just five days, which till date has never occurred in the timeline of mankind’s achievements. It was such a great deed that all the celestials, rishis and divinities stood in the sky and were awestruck with wonder seeing the great waters being bridged with even great teamwork.

The Ram Setu is a symbol of love in the most pure way, a symbol of courage in the most adverse situations, a symbol of determination during great challenges. It gives us inspiration that faith in Shri Ram and total belief in his attributes makes one bridge any distance and achieve the impossible.