A Guru’s grief removed by giving him his dearest Guru Dakshina

The relation of a Guru and a Sishya is one of the important relations of life, as it is in this relation that the Sishya finds the purpose of his life, when mentored and tutored by the Guru. It is never enough to thank the Guru for the knowledge he shares and for the path shown, but a Guru Dakshina offered as a humble token of thank you fills the heart of the Guru with great happiness and such happiness was bestowed upon Guru Sandipani by Shri Krishna and Balaram.

After killing Kamsa, Shri Krishna instates Maharaj Ugrasenback on the throne of Mathura. Dharma is restored once again. Then, to receive formal education, Shri Krishna and Balramgo to Rishi Sandipani’s ashram and request him to train them. Guru Sandipani was overwhelmed by the presence of the young princes who were shining like the sun and the moon in his ashram and accept them as students. In no time, Shri Krishna and Balram became the favourite of the ashram. While helping Sandipani’s wife in taking care of the ashram, they also imbibe all training from their guru and become proficient in all the Vedas and the Sastras.

Few years passed and Shri Krishna and Balram completed their education successfully. When the time came for them to take leave of their Guru, they humbly bow to his feet and ask him that with what Guru Dakshina they could repay his priceless guidance and teaching. Guru Sandipani does not ask for anything. But when Shri Krishna insists, he recalls the restoration of his young son who got lost on the shores of Prabhas Teerth. Listening to their painful story, Shri Krishna and Balram promise them that they would get back his sonback and set out in search of him.

After reaching the ocean, they find out that the son was swallowed by a demon named Panchajanya (Sankhasura). The brothers find the demon hiding in the ocean. Shri Krishna kills him and pierces the demon’s stomach, where he finds a conch. Giving it the name of Panchajanya, Shri Krishna keeps the conch for himself and then the brothers go to Samyamani, the abode of Yama to find their guru’s son.

Yama welcomes the brothers and asks them the purpose of their visit. When Shri Krishna tell him that they both wanted their Guru’s son back, Yama does not agree as it was against the Dharma to bring back the dead to life.  But Shri Krishna and Balaram stress upon the fact that fulfilling their guru’s wish was their greatest Dharma and fight Yama.  They successfully counter all the weapons of Yama. The god of Death gets impressed with their skill in combat. He agrees to return back Guru Sandipani’s son and retains back the son’slife. The brothers thanking Yama return back to the Ashram with their guru’s son.

Guru Sandipani and his wife’s joy had no bounds to get back their son. Guru Sandipani praises Shri Krishna and bows to him as the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu who has come to wipe his grief. But, Shri Krishna humbly falls at the feet of his Guru and says that he would always be the student of his Guru, but never above him.  By fulfilling the wish of his guru, Shri Krishna proves that fulfilling the guru’s wishes is one of the most beautiful ways of gratitude for mentoring a students’ life in the path of Dharma.