A month most pious of all – Kartik

  1. Diwali illuminates our life with lamps, and this celebration of inviting light into our lives continues throughout the month of the Kartik. A light is the ray of hope which removes darkness and it is only through light that we can see what goodness of life should be welcomed, and bad should be avoided. The Kartik month is a representation of the same, where through lightness one removes the bad within oneself and leads light in becoming a better human.

The Kartik month starts from the Asweeyuja Shukla Pournami and it marks the start of the winter season. The ritual of lighting and donating lamps is the most sacred ritual. This is said to absolve one of all sins. This period is hence called the start of the Dakshinayana period, which is considered to be a period of purification.

Kartik is also a month which is dearest to Bhagwan Shiv. It is in this very month that Bhagwan Shiv had relieved the worlds from the tyranny of the Tripurasuras. The Kartik Somvar Vrat is duly observed by millions of devotees this month. The Vrat is a process wherein the devotee gets up at the Brahma Muhurat, takes a bath with cold water, goes to the temple of Bhagwan Shiv and offers donation of ghee lamps and observing a fast for the whole day. This auspicious ritual signifies detachment over materialistic pursuits and having steadfast devotion on Bhagwan Shiv.

The Kartik month is also dear to Bhagwan Vishnu. As known, there is no differentiation between Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagwan Vishnu, so in the way this month celebrates prayers offered to Bhagwan Vishnu too in the form of ghee lamps. This month is also known as the Damodara month, in the name of Bhagwan Vishnu. It is on Kartik Suddh Ekadasi, that Bhagwan Vishnu arouses from his sleep and blesses the world. The worship of the Tulasi plant too is a part of this month festivities.

The worship of Tulasi plant on the Kartik Pournami is considered to give all prosperity and a long life.

Hence, the women perform this Pooja for the well-being of their husbands and prosperity of their families. Bhagwan Vishnu is worshipped in the form of the sacred Saalagrama stone near the Tulasi Plant.

The Kartik month rituals are not only prayers but practises to develop a discipline in life. The early morning baths help us get accustomed to the cold of the winter season. Fasting improves our immunity system and cleanses the toxins of the body. Through charity, one comes to care for the other humans and living beings too. By visiting temples and sacred rivers in this month, one comes to know about the richness of our heritage and culture and work more towards preserving them to hand them down to further generations. Not only to an individual, but these practises help the whole society develop through mutual support and respect in this month.

Even scientifically, the Kartik month brings in a lot of benefits. It is in this period that fresh rain water is collected in the rivers, lakes and ponds and bathing in them helps us develop good immunity and energy through electro-magnetic powers. Lighting the lamps in homes eliminates many of the viruses, germs and insects and creates a protective shield for the home. Worshipping the sacred Tulasi plant brings in fresh air through its medicinal properties. With so many benefits the Kartik month brings in a boost of wealth, health and happiness in our lives.