A son, brother and husband for the family, but Almighty to his devotees- Shri Ram

One of the beautiful lessons Ramayan teaches us is the act of balance between family and devotees. Shri Ram was there for his family. For his father Dasarath Maharaj when he had to keep up his father’s promise, for his mothers in never differentiating between their love, for his brothers in being united and for Mata Sita where he built the Ram Setu and killed Ravan protecting her honour. But what makes Shri Ram even more special in every devotee’s heart is that he reached out to each and every devotee with equal love and affection just in that way he stood for his family, thus proving truly as the bearer of the title Maryada Purushottam.
Shri Ram after being exiled to the forest reaches the banks of River Ganga where he meets his childhood friend Nishad Raj Guh. Shri Ram is overjoyed to see his childhood friend and asks warmly about his welfare. Nishad Raj brings fruits and tubers from the forest, makes a bed out of leaves to make the stay in the forest comfortable for Shri Ram. Nishad Raj cries like a child when Shri Ram leaves him and goes into more interior forests. Acknowledging the pure love of the tribal king, Shri Ram requests Nishad Raj Guh to protect the borders of his kingdom and support Bharat proving that trust on his devotees is equal to trust in him.
The boatman Kevat only had a simple wish which it was to wash the divine feet of Shri Ram and make his life worthwhile. To get Shri Ram agree to his wish Kevat becomes adamant and expresses a small fear that when a stone could turn into a beautiful woman, then what would be the fate of his wooden boat. Shri Ram gets immensely pleased by his smart thinking and innocent love and agrees for his wish. Shri Ram makes the Kewat as a representation of pure love through which one can reach the lotus feet of the Almighty.
It is only a pure hearted devotee who can have the dare to give tasted fruits to the Almighty and feel bliss in it. It was nothing but only the innocent concern of Mata Shabari to give Shri Ram the juiciest fruits that, she tastes them first and gives it to Shri Ram. Shri Ram’s heart is filled with joy for her love and he acknowledges Mata Shabari‘s love for him as equal to that of Mata Kaushalya. Shri Ram proves that the heart that offers is greater that what actually is being offered materialistically.
Shri Ram was there for even a tiny squirrel. When the Ram Setu was being built, a small squirrel had an earnest desire to help Shri Ram. Although small in size, it does its own effort of rolling in the sand and brushing the sand in between the gaps of rocks with its tiny body. Shri Ram watches it with great affection and gives a loving stroke on its body with his three fingers. With this soothing gesture, Shri Ram blessed the whole of the squirrel race with his finger strokes imprinted on them forever.
A person who can balance both family and responsibilities towards the society is the one who remains inspirational in every heart. By being there for his family and devotees, Shri Ram teaches mankind that it’s all about pure love and devotion for which he always stands for, be it family or devotees.