A temple for the divine doctor – Dhanvantari temple

The Samudra Manthan was one of the most important aspect not only for all the precious gifts it gave the world, but also for giving us the most important persona to the world who is Shri Dhanvantari as a doctor. The incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, Shri Dhanvantari carrying the Amrit in his hand, he emerged from the Milky Ocean providing the medicine to all pains and diseases of the world and created the great science of Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing and medicine and natural herbs.


As the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu who is the doctor of devas, he emerged with four hands , holding a conch in one hand, a discus in one, in one third he holds the nectar and the fourth hand he holds a leech, as it is believed that leech sucks out all the infections of the body through blood. This divine form is worshipped as the presiding deity in a temple in Thrissur Kerala, which is the Mukkudi temple.

The Bhagavat Puran mentions that the sacred chanting of the name of Shri Dhanvantari gives strength to fight all diseases and cure them. The chant of Smrata Matrati Nasanah while remembering Shri Dhanvantari is a sacred chant which removes all the fears of hill health and provides good health. Hence, the temple of Mukkudi is visited by lakhs of devotees to be free from disease, ill health and be blessed with a good health and life.

The speciality of the temple is the offering made in the temple which is believed to cure diseases. This offering is called Mukkudi by which the temple also takes its name. The Mukkudi is a sacred tonic. This is a medicinal tonic prepared with dry ginger, curd, turmeric, pomegranate peel, peeper, rock salt and few secret herbs (which are believed to be made by Shri Dhanvantari ). This offering is sanctified and given as Prasad to the devotees who believe that the tonic will cure them of all ailments.

When one looks at the ingredients in the preparation of the sacred tunic, the indeed are great boosters for one‘s health. Dry ginger powder keeps cold and cough at bay while turmeric is an antibiotic which helps the body develop natural antibodies. Pomegranate fruit improves blood circulation and haemoglobin. Rock salt keeps the blood pressure of the body in control and curd is a antioxidant which helps removes acidity. All these mixed with medicinal herbs of Ayurveda help to contribute to one’s health and hence this is given as a Prasad to make man understand the importance of natural foods and also the greatness of Ayurveda which helps treat huge illness with the resources available in nature.

A special monsoon festival is held in the temple on the sixteenth day of the Kartik month which is considered an auspicious day for the intake of the medicinal tonic. The Dhanvantari Trayodasi is celebrated in the Ashwini month on which a great procession is held and lakhs of devotees come to take the divine Prasad of Mukkudi.