A truthful person does not take sides in following Dharma

Shri Ram’s greatest virtue was to be truthful in all times, and hence his approach towards life was totally a different one. While walking on the path of truth, he faces many obstacles, problems, but does not deter from his path. His observance of Dharma makes him the enemy of Ravan. The greatness of Shri Ram is that he does not treat Ravan as an enemy, but the attitude of Ravan towards Dharma as his enemy. Ravan hated and feared Shri Ram from his heart, but Shri Ram gets ready to forgive Ravan if he surrenders, even after committing a heinous crime of abducting Mata Sita. This was the greatest virtue which made Shri Ram a different person from Ravan as he never took sides in observing Dharma. One such incident which proves this is when Ravan faces Shri Ram for the first time in the battlefield.


In the battle of Lanka, Ravan with great pride and arrogance decides that he would finish Shri Ram in no time, and sets to meet Shri Ram in the battlefield. Both Shri Ram and Ravan face each other and Ravan boasts of his strength in front of Shri Ram. Shri Ram simply smiles and says that the time has come where Ravan can no more flee from him there is no place where he can seek refuge in the three worlds.

Hearing the words of Shri Ram, Ravan in great anger strikes arrows with the speed of wind on Shri Ram, but Shri Ram breaks them all with great vigour. Ravan is no match for Shri Ram‘s valour and finds himself in a tight spot unable to face the swiftness and pace of Shri Ram’s arrows. Shri Ram strikes continuous arrows shattering Ravan’s chariot, his staff, bow and arrows, weapons, kills Ravan’s charioteer and finally Ravan’s crown in a whiff of a lightning before Ravan even understands what is happening with him.

Ravan is left weapon less, without a chariot and is brought down to ground without any support. The demon king whom the three worlds fear gets shaken by Shri Ram’s arrows. The demon who ridiculed Shri Ram as a mere hermit is at his mercy. Ravan’s boasting about he being the greatest warrior in the three worlds becomes absolutely false in front of the heroism of Shri Ram.


Shri Ram had all the chances to slay Ravan and finish of the battle then and there. But being a flower of Dharma, he makes a difference. Although Ravan took an unfair advantage of Shri Ram in abducting Mata Sita, killing his dear friend Jatayu, and giving him misery of separation from Mata Sita, Shri Ram still does not step back from being a follower of Dharma. Looking at Ravan’s tiresome plight, Shri Ram says that he wouldn’t kill an enemy who has been deprived of weapons. Shri Ram asks Ravan to return back to his city, take rest and come back the next day with renewed with energy. This gesture from Shri Ram surprises Ravan as he would have never done such a deed towards an enemy. It makes him feel humiliated and defeated too as he sees the virtues of Shri Ram greater than his.

A truthful person does not change according to the circumstances. Shri Ram’s approach was always the same towards Dharma and he never broke a rule for his convenience, and that what makes him a hero for all ages, in all times.