An epitome of courage – Shri Ram

Today, life has become uncertain the entire world caught in a midst of a rising yet another adversity. But, yet there is hope which keeps us moving, and we need to cling on to that to move on in a cautious, but courageous way. Courage is the only one factor which helps man moving ahead in times of adversities with a strong heart. Problems may be of different nature, but courage is one common factor which helps us overcome those, just as Shri Ram did in his life. Being the incarnation of Almighty, he chose to be completely human as Shri Ram and demonstrate to the world that a human can overcome the toughest situations in life with the virtue of courage.


As the adorable son of Maharaj Dasarath, Shri Ram’s life would have been a comfortable one. Yet he faced the toughest challenges of life, and his greatness lies in facing them with a smile on the lips, and tons of courage in the heart. Although being the favourite of Queen Kaikeyi, he is put to test by her itself to leave the kingdom and reside in the forest. Shri Ram takes the order with a smile and with no fear of facing the uncertainties of the forest life. Without any complaints, he not only convinces Lakshman the Dharma behind it, but also gives courage to Queen Kaushalya and Maharaj Dasarth to wait for his return and allow him to go in his duty of Dharma thus proving that a courageous person is not affected by the unexpected challenges of life and gets ready to face them.

The forest is not a bed of roses, but the path of thorns, yet nothing deters the courage of Shri Ram. The greatest wisdom and courage of a person is to accept life as how it comes and also give others courage to be strong. Shri Ram offers protection to the simple Rishis of the Dandak forest from the perils of the demons. Along with Lakshman, he destroys the demons and guards the Dandak forest as a brave soldier who protects his people and land. A courageous person takes up any challenge and works for creating a better life for himself and his people.

When Mata Sita was abducted, being separated from his beloved was the most painful challenge of his life. Yet he gathers courage to reunite with his beloved. Shri Ram’s nerve and determination make him bridge the waters of the mighty Ocean and reach Lanka. He faces an army of sorcery and trickery demons with his valour and gives courage to the whole of his monkey army. He not only self-motivates himself, but also motivates his army too and achieves success in the battle, thus proving that courage makes anything possible.

Life is never certain and none can expect what happens, but a couragous person thinks with wisdom, hope and determination and makes the uncertianities as the steps of his success path. Shri Ram faced life in the toughest way, but his manner of accepting them with courage is what he makes him different and special to all and indeed he is an inspiration to move on with faith for better times in future.