An inspiration in every stage of life – Shri Ram

When it comes to define the behaviour of a person in every stage of life, it is none other than Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram who strikes to one’s mind whose life is an evergreen chapter for mankind to reflect upon and walk in the right way in each stage.


As a child, Shri Ram was the adorable child, but never a spoilt child. As the elder brother, he resolved the little fights between his brothers, thus making them understand the meaning of togetherness right from the tender age. He took care of them in the Gurukul Ashram with love and affection, but at the same time inculcated discipline and truthfulness too in them. For every growing child, these strong values of truth, care, love and sharing are very important and Shri Ram is the perfect inspiration for every child.

As a young prince who had mastered all Vedas and Sastras, Shri Ram was a humble youngster who understood that true knowledge lies in humility. It is quite common that in a young age, one often tends to get confused or distracted by many options to choose in life. Here, Shri Ram inspires to follow the parents and the Guru’s advice who show their experiences as lessons and teach us not to do mistakes. Believing them to be his best guides, Shri Ram follows his father’s command, Rishi Vishwamitr’s orders and serves them dutifully, and acquires fame as a humble young prince, but also a great warrior. Shri Ram inspires youngsters that instead of taking hasty decisions, it is very important to follow his or her preceptor and elders advice for a bright future.

Shri Ram is the son which every parent would yearn to have. Not only serving them dutifully, but he sacrifices his comforts of the palace and instead spends it in the unknown forests just to uphold his father’s word. Shri Ram sets a path that one should always be indebted to the parents for giving the most valuable gift of life and when needed, be there for them.

As a husband, he wins the heart of Mata Sita through his gentle talk, respect and immense love for her. Not only in happy times, but he takes care of her even in the hardships of the forest. He takes Mata Sita’s honour as his very own and punishes Ravan for abducting her. By building the bridge over the mighty Sea to reach Mata Sita, Shri Ram proves that the strength of love overcomes every obstacle and inspires to be the ideal husband for a woman.


Along with the duties towards family, man has a duty towards the society in which he is bought up too. When it comes to fulfilling society responsibilities, Shri Ram sacrifices his own personal life and happiness with Mata Sita and moves ahead in doing his duty as a King. He inspires to be the perfect leader by being a part of serving the society, instead of dominating it with his power and sovereignty. Finally as a father, he teaches Luv and Kush to be good rulers and gives guidance and way for the future generation to move ahead in shaping their lives and as well of the society too.

Shri Ram inspires mankind realise that every stage of life has a purpose which needs to be fulfilled and he laid down the perfect path for it to adhere which remains an inspiration to all mankind.