As Per Hindu Scriptures, We Should Never Wash Our Hands In Plate After Eating Food

Many people wash their hands in the plate after having food in it. Some do it in a hurry, some others out of habit. Whatever the cause may be, it is not at all a good practice. If you wash your hands in the plate, leave this habit today. There are reasons why it is told not to do that.

Food means Goddess Laxmi in Hindu culture. There is a theory that Goddess Laxmi gets angry if hands are washed in the plate from which food is eaten. The anger of the Goddess of wealth brings poverty to the home.

Some other religions also obey them. They think that when the food is served on the plate, the plate itself becomes holy and pure with Goddess Laxmi’s existence. After one eats food with hands, hands get glued. Washing the glued hands in a plate where Goddess herself stays in the form of food is considered an offense. It is to show respect to the food only. Some families obey it until today.

Another thought of religion says while eating food, the desire waves are created in our body cavity. Those waves get released on the plate with water and leftover from the hand. If there are dissatisfied souls existing in the air, they can affect that individual using the desire-oriented vibrations.

Almost everything defined in religion and culture has scientific aspects too. The science behind not washing hands in plates is that the place gets messy. The water can get into others’ bodies or plates too. Washing hands and mouth properly at a washbasin is the right thing to do from all aspects.