Attachment in Detachment – The quality of Shri Ram

A sanyasi is one who renounces all his family, friends, comforts, happiness and wealth and goes in search of enlightenment. But the one who is there for his family, who has the duty of protecting his people, who works for the upholding of Dharma and who cares for his all dear ones yet take all pains and pleasures in an equal stride and be detached in himself is a Stitha Pragyna, and the one who fits this definition perfectly is Shri Ram.


Shri Ram loved his family dearly. With the command of his father Maharaj Dasarath, he embarks on a journey with Rishi Viswhamitr for the sake of protection of Dharma. His attachment to his guru is seen where he along with Lakshman does all service to his guru and fulfils his every command. He was totally detached from the comforts of Ayodhya and more attached to his duty. He fulfils his duty as the perfect student where he detaches himself from all the achievements of killing Marich and Subahu, or the Shiv Dhanurbhang and credits his success to the blessings of Rishi Vishwamitr.

The attachment what Shri Ram shares with his brothers is way beyond imagination. When Maharaj Dasarath decides to crown him the King, the first instance Shri Ram feels is the absence of his two brothers Bharat and Shatrughan. This affection shows that there is no happiness and celebration greater than being in the company of loved ones. Shri Ram mentions to Lakshman that all his kingdom and power are his too, thus detaching himself from the fame of being a king, instead taking it as a responsibility to serve, share and care for his people.

But, when it comes to sharing of problems, Shri Ram takes them all in his stride and gets detached from the Kingdom of Ayodhya on the command of his father. Shri Ram shows the highest quality of detachment wherein he simply leaves to the forest without any complaint and grudge for the sake of his father and brother. His attachment with his family is so great that he easily detaches himself from the inheritance of kingdom for Dharma and the happiness of his family.

Friendship is an attachment which Shri Ram was forever bound to. He remembers his childhood friend Nishad Raj Guh and spends some time with him fulfilling his promise to visit him. For the sake of the word given to Sugriv, he puts aside his own pain of separation of Mata Sita and fulfils his promise of crowning Sugriv the king of Kishkinda. In a situation where all doubt the noble Vibhishan, Shri Ram puts all suspicions behind and befriends Vibhishan, the brother of the enemy. Shri Ram proves that friendship comes with a detachment of selfishness and doubt and strives on trust and faith and proves that a true friend stands through thick and thin.

The frontier of attachment of Shri Ram is seen where he builds a mighty bridge on the Ocean to reach Mata Sita. But with a heavy heart, he detaches Mata Sita as a queen for his people. Yet, he never detaches her as his beloved and life, which he affirms through the statue of Golden Sita. If there is one thing with which Shri Ram could not be detached from, then it is only Dharma for whose sake he undergoes all difficulties balancing attachment and detachment with a smile on his face.