Bali Chakravarthy shows the greatness of Bhagwan Vishnu to Ravan

The Uttar Ramayan mentions the tales of many great personalities associated with the Ramayan. The most prominent one is the mention of the various adventures of Ravan who was the antagonist of the Ramayan epic. There were many incidents which gave him future predictions that when he would face Bhagwan Vishnu in the future, it would be a tough time. One such incident was when he goes visiting the great Bali Chakravarthy, the king of the neither worlds, and an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu.

After snatching the divine Pushpak from his step brother, Kuber, Ravan goes travelling all the three worlds in it. During one of his travels, he comes to know how the demon king Bali Chakravarthy was sent to the Patal Lok by Vaman, the fifth incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu. Ravan gets furious at this and he decides to go to the Patal Lok to free him as he believes that Bhagwan Vishnu has kept him captive, without understanding the relation of Bali Chakravarthy and Bhagwan Vishnu.

Ravan reaches the kingdom of Bali Chakravarthy and in the entrance finds a huge warrior in the size of a mountain and blazing with great radiance guarding the door. He stops Ravan and asks him the purpose of his visit. When Ravan explains him the reason of his arrival, the door keeper laughs at him and says that Bali Chakravarthy was not held captive as Ravan thought. But Ravan does not agree to this. The door keeper lets him in. Ravan enters the chamber of Bali Chakravarthy and sees him sitting on a throne shining as bright as the Sun.

Ravan bows to him, introduces himself and mentions that he had come to free the king form Bhagwan Vishnu’s captivity and boasts of himself that he was the only warrior who was capable of doing so in the three worlds. Bali Chakravarthy smiles and shows Ravan a huge bracelet in the size  of a hill and asks him to lift it. Proud of his might, Ravan tries to lift it with all his strength but the bracelet doesn’t budge.

Seeing this, Bali Chakravarhty says to Ravan that firstly it was not a bracelet, but an earring of his great grandfather Hiranyakashyap. He mocks Ravan that when he could not lift an earring of HIranyakashyap, how he could fight the Almighty who killed Hiranyakashyap. Then Bali Chakravarthy tries to show reason to Ravan that fighting Bhagwan Vishnu was not advisable and asks him to change his ways. Ravan feels humiliated by this, yet does not leave his stubbornness and ego. He again says to Bali Chakravarthy that he intends to fight Bhagwan Vishnu.

Bali Chakravarthy then says that the door keeper whom Ravan had met before entering his chamber was himself Bhagwan Vishnu. Hearing to this, Ravan rushes back to the door, but does not find anybody. An egoistic person like him was not worth seeing the divinity of Bhagwan Vishnu and  hence he is unable to see him. As Bali Chakravarthy had sacrificed his life on Earth for the sake of a good cause, Bhagwan Vishnu himself guards his door and protects him. Ravan is shocked to hear this, but his pride stops him from accepting the greatness of Bhagwan Vishnu. The same disregard bought his doom in the form of Shri Ram of Bhagwan Vishnu. Ravan‘s behaviour teaches us that an egoistic person never listens to the wise words of advice and brings his own doom, and hence Ego is never to be cultivated as a trait.