Being responsible individually is doing greater good to Dharma proves Ramayan

It is said that being born as a human is one of the luckiest privileges given by the Almighty. It is only through the human life that one can achieve the highest standards of Dharma and also spread the same in the world.

Individually, every human is responsible for the conduct of Dharma and when one stands for it, he becomes an icon of Dharma for the entire world. This striking responsibility was beautifully fulfilled in the Ramayan, where each one stood for his own individual Dharma.

Keeping up a promise – Shri Ram was the life of Maharaj Dasarath. But when it came to upholding his promise, although heartbroken, he fulfils the promise given to his wife and sacrifices his life. With his sacrifice, he denotes the importance of a promise. Even though small ones, but when promises are fulfilled, it brings the family much closer as the family feels important and secure and work for each other’s happiness.

Fulfilling wishes – Shri Ram was the true heir of the kingdom, yet he gives it up to keep up his father’s promise and happily goes to the exile. He believes that fulfilling his parents’ wishes is more important than his own happiness. Such is his action, that even queen Kaikeyi repents her actions later on. Shri Ram’s by giving up the kingdom for Bharat firmly asserts to the world that no riches, no kingdom is more is important than the family’s unity.

Maintaining Calm – The Queen mothers Kaushalya and Sumitra are shocked at the happenings in the royal palace. Although they had all the right to question the actions of Queen Kaikeyi, they keep calm. Sumitra goes a step ahead and gives permission to Lakshman to accompany his brother to the forest. They teach that when one can avoid confrontations with patience in the family, the bond of the family grows stronger which eventually changes the conflicting person too.

Being a support – Maharaj Dasarath asks Mata Sita to go back to her father and stay with him as she cannot bear the hardships of the forest. But Mata Sita says that it is in times of hardships, that she wouldn’t want to desert her husband and go on her own way. As a life partner, she gives complete support to Shri Ram and does her own responsibility towards her family.

Unending loyalty – Although Lakshman was not given exile, he chooses it willingly and supports Shri Ram. He sacrifices his personal life and serves Shri Ram with all his heart and happiness. When a person in the family is going through hardships, the least one can do is to share the hardships, which leads to unity of the family in turbulent times.

Sacrificing comforts – Bharat does the ultimate sacrifice of taking up the life of a hermit along with Shri Ram and sacrifice all the comforts given to him. Although he had all the consent to become a king, instead of snatching it from Shri Ram, he safeguards it. He proves that a family which is together in all times always thinks alike in upholding Dharma.

Being born as a human is not just done, but there comes a huge responsibility of how one leads his or her life, to fulfil the greatest privilege of birth. When an individual thinks in this way, he motivates his family to think in the same, and in turn the society gets motivated for the same and the Ramayan is the ever inspiring example of the same.