Being younger doesn’t mean being spoilt proves – Shatrughan

Sometimes being the youngest one among them turns out to be a great role in the family. Usually in a family where youngest ones are always pampered, with different turns of destiny, the younger ones take more responsibility than their age and support the family. An inspiration for not only the youngest siblings in the family, but for all in making understand that supporting the family is the greatest responsibility and duty is Shatrughan, the twin brother of Lakshman and the adorable brother of Shri Ram.


Known dearly as Ripudaman, Shatrughan was the shadow of Bharat just as Lakshman was of Bharat. Shatrughan was the youngest, but equal to his brothers in learning the values of respect, humility and care for the elder ones in the family.

During the tragic events when Shri Ram left for the forest and Maharaj Dasarath died, Shatrughan was away with Bharat. When they both reach Ayodhya and come to know about the disastrous happenings, Bharat gets depressed with sorrow, but Shatrughan gets enraged. He comes to know that Manthara is behind the entire evil scheme and gets ready to kill her. But on the command of Bharat, he stops and lets her go free. This action shows two great qualities of Shatrughan. One that he never tolerated injustice, the other he never went against the wishes of his elders and listened to them as his duty. Just because he was youngest of all, neither was he silent with sorrow nor over enthusiastic with anger, but had the ability to balance himself and listen to the order and advice of Bharat all times.

When Bharat stays back at Nandigram leaving Ayodhya for the sake of Shri Ram, the biggest responsibility of giving solace to the depressed mothers falls on Shatrughan. He takes up not only the responsibility of taking care of all of their needs but also duly assists Bharat in the administrative affairs of the kingdom. Shatrughan saw that nothing disturbed Bharat as he was well aware that Bharat was already in lot of pain with the separation of Shri Ram.

Although he was as equally pained with separation from his brothers, yet he hid it and ensured smooth running of all affairs of Ayodhya. He continued to serve his elder brothers in the same way after the coronation of Shri Ram.

Shatrughan was always not the pampered brother, but a great warrior too as his name suggested. His courage as a warrior was equal to his brothers Shri Ram and Lakshman which was proved when he killed Lavanasur, the demon.

Such was the love and trust of Shri Ram on Shatrughan for the same, that he crowned him as king of Mathura beforehand and sends him to war. By defeating Lavansur, proves himself a worthy of his elder brothers in all ways.

Becoming the King of Mathura, Shatrughan knew it was separation from Shri Ram. Yet he obeys his brother’s command of giving the first priority to people over self, and rules the kingdom of Mathura diligently and becomes the favourite of the people. Shatrughan was the adorable brother of Shri Ram, but not the spoilt one, and he proved that age never comes in between to understood the responsibilities of his elder brothers and indeed as the responsible one always lived up to his duties towards his brothers.