राम दुलारे Hanumanji

राम दुलारे Hanumanji Called as राम दुलारे by Goswami Tulasidas, Shri Hanuman is very dear to Bhagwan Ram. He is
there at the call and behest of Ramji, ready to do anything for him. There is a very beautiful anecdote which depicts their adoration and love for each other.ImageSource

After Bhagwan Ram became the king of Ayodhya, Hanuman stayed back in Ayodhya to attend to the services of Ramji. Hanuman took care of all the needs of his swami and nobody else could get a chance to serve Ramji.
On the other side, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan were also eager to serve their brother, but never got an opportunity as Hanuman was taking care of all things. They decided to draw a new schedule for taking care of all the needs of Bhagwan Ram, but not include Hanuman in any of the services. They made the same and showed it to Ramji for his consent. Ramji saw it, smiled and understood what his brothers were up to. But as all are dear to him, he decides to make his brothers understand what Hanuman’s devotion is towards him. He called for Hanuman and shows him the new schedule. Hanuman sees that and finds no work is assigned to him. He thinks for some time and says that “Dear Swami,

when you feel tired, you yawn but you forget to snap the finger (चुटकी) because of so many thoughts in your mind, let me do that small work for you”. Ramji turns to his brothers and asks whether that was okay with them. All the three consented, thus Ramji also consented.

From that minute, Hanuman constantly stays by his swami’s side looking at his face, not to a miss a chance to snap his fingers when Ramji yawned. All the day went through with Ramji totally busy in his court, but Hanuman never left his side.

Night fell and Ramji retired to his room. Till then, Hanuman was beside him, but now he could not enter the Ramji and Mata Sita’s room as it was not courteous to do so. So he jumps and sits on the roof top and starts snapping his fingers continuously. Meanwhile, in his room, Ramji yawns, but does not close his mouth. Mata Sita does not understand what has happened. Worried, she calls for all the three brothers. All try asking Ramji as to what happened, but Ramji doesn’t answer and keeps his mouth open itself. Then, they see that Hanuman is missing and start searching for him in the whole palace, and finally find him on the roof. They ask him to come near Ramji, and Hanuman follows them while continuing to snap his fingers. When they reach Ramji room, Ramji closes his mouth as soon as he hears the snapping of Hanuman’s fingers.


All are surprised by this and ask Ramji the reason for his strange behaviour. Ramji answers that Hanuman could not follow him into the room, but Ramji yawned, he had to keep his mouth open till he hears the snapping of fingers or it would disappoint Hanuman. All feel amazed for the adoration Ramji has for Hanuman. Ramji smiles and says he cannot disappoint any of his faithful devotees and all are dear to him. The three brothers realise the devotion of Hanuman for Ramji and give back his old duties of serving Ramji happily.

These small anecdotes speak volumes of the bond what Ramji and Hanuman shared and why it feels so nice to hear when Hanuman is called राम दुलारे.