Bhagwan Vishnu eliminates the arrogance of Rishi Bhrigu

Bhagwan Vishnu, the all-pervading one is the protector of the Universe. He is not only the one who fights against the evil forces like the demons and safeguards us, but also helps us not to fall into evil forces of arrogance, pride, temper and ego which develop within oneself and are the root cause of downfall of a human. Through his innumerable Lila’s, he gives us valuable lessons of humility respect and righteousness through his own nobility and behaviour and who never takes pride in spite being the Supreme Being of the Universe.


Once Rishi Bhrigu who son of Brahma, and was born with an extra eye in his foot attended a great Yagn on the banks of River Saraswathi. In the discourses which were happening, a question arose as to whom among the Trinity was the greatest. Rishi Bhrigu who was by nature a little arrogant for his powers decided to test the three Gods by himself and set out to Brahmalok to first test Brahma Ji.

When Rishi Bhrigu arrived at Satyalok, Brahma Ji was busily engrossed in chatting with Bhagwathi Saraswathi and did not take notice of Bhrigu’s arrival. The sage was furious at this behaviour and although Brahma Ji was his father cursed him that there would not temples in his name. Brahma Ji was angry at this, but Bhagawathi Saraswathi stopped him saying that Bhrigu was their son and Bhrigu forgave him.

Rishi Bhrigu’s next stop was Mount Kailash where he saw Bhagwan Shiv was dancing the Tandav with Bhagwathi Parvathi and were lost in their dance. Although Sage Bhrigu arrives, they did not notice him as they were lost in their dance. Rishi Bhrigu gets angry and curses Bhagwan Shiv that he would never be worshipped in the idol form and moves away from here. Bhagwan Shiv raises his trident to punish Rishi Bhrigu for his audacity , but Bhagwathi Parvathi stops him saying that he was Brahma Ji’s son and hence a son to them too and requests to spare him to which Bhagwan Shiv agrees.

Rishi Bhrigu’s temper rises to a pinnacle seeing that both the Gods kept quiet on his curses and feels proud about his own strength, but does not understand that the Gods were large hearted to forgive him. With blindfolded pride, he arrives at Vaikunth Dhaam and sees Bhagwan Vishnu resting with closed eyes on the Seshnaag while Bhagwathi Lakshmi was busy pressing his feet. Bhrigu’s anger grows high that even Bhagwan Vishnu did not notice him and in a fit of rage, he goes and kicks on the chest of Bhagwan Vishnu. Bhagwathi Lakshmi is shocked at this rude behaviour of Rishi Bhrigu, but Bhagwan Vishnu gets up and immediately grabs Bhrigu’s foot and asks him whether his foot had pained because of the kick. While doing so, Bhagwan Vishnu presses the eye present in Bhrigu’s foot and destroys it as it was a significance of Rishi Bhrigu’s arrogance.

Rishi Bhrigu immediately realises his mistake and falls at the feet of Bhagwan Vishnu and begs for forgiveness of his rude mistake. But the compassionate Bhagwan Vishnu mentions that Rishi Bhrigu was like his child and Bhrigu kicking him was just like the child kicking on the father’s chest while playing and hence he was not angry at Bhrigu’s behaviour. Rishi Bhrigu is awestruck at the noble behaviour of Bhagwan Vishnu and loses all his arrogance at the feet of the Supreme Being.