Bharat Milap- The beautiful conversation of Shri Ram and Bharat

With the unexpected turn of events, Bharat sets out with Shatrughan, his mothers, Guru Vashisht and rest to convince Shri Ram to come back to Ayodhya. He meets Nishad Raj Guh in midst of his journey, seeks the blessings of Rishi Bharadwaj and finally reaches Chitrakut. At Chitrakut, His heart breaks out when he sees Shri Ram clad in a hermit’s attire. Bharat rushes to fall at his brother’s feet and seeks his protection. Shri Ram is overjoyed to see Bharat. He leaves his bow and arrows from his hand and hurries to meet him. He forcibly lifts Bharat who does not want to leave his feet and embraces him.

After sometime, Bharat overcomes his feelings of love and sorrow and slowly conveys the news of their father’s passing away. Shri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman are overstruck with grief listening to this. Guru Vashisht consoles them and guides the brothers to offer obeisance to their father in River Madakini.

Bharat spends four days at Chitrakut with Shri Ram. Slowly, he starts to ponder as to how he could convince Shri Ram to return back to Ayodhya. Guru Vashisht calls for a meeting and confess with Shri Ram about the grief they all are undergoing because of his separation.

Bharat is adamant that he will return back to Ayodhya only if Shri Ram returns with him. He becomes ready to sacrifice food and water and give up his life. He also says that he would stay in the forest and Shri Ram return backs to Ayodhya. Shri Ram tries to convince him a lot saying that it is his duty to keep his father’s word and be righteous, but Bharat does not listen. Shri Ram is worried about Bharat and his determination. He cannot bear to see Bharat in pain, nor go against his father’s word. It becomes a situation of whether love wins or responsibility.

In such a dilemma, Maharaj Janak, the wisest among the kings arrives. Shri Ram and Bharat place their arguments in front of him and request him to guide them through the problem. Maharaj Janak’s heart is filled with happiness seeing the extent of sacrifice one brother wants to do for the other.


Maharaj Janak understands Shri Ram’s duty to keep his father’s word. He convinces Bharat that if he loves his brother Shri Ram truly, then he should submit to his order as love begets sacrifice. It is at that moment, Bharat understands his true path, and falls at the feet of Shri Ram and surrenders to him and agreeing to follow whatever Shri Ram would command.

Shri Ram is lost for words by Bharat’s submission. He embraces Bharat and says that he would accept the kingdom of Ayodhya, however only after keeping up his father’s word of spending fourteen years in the forest. Bharat understands Shri Ram’s responsibility towards Dharma. But, he doesn’t accept kingship, but only agrees to be Shri Ram’s representative and requests Shri Ram to give his padukas to be placed on the throne. Shri Ram agrees to this and with heart filled with love for his brother, gives his padukas to his dear brother. The


humble Bharat places them on his head, and treating them as the lotus feet of Shri Ram returns to Ayodhya.

Shri Ram and Bharat’s conversation expounds the importance of duty and Dharma as a king, brother and son and makes it one of the most beautiful conversations of the Ramayan.