Bonding of the eldest sibling keeps the entire family strong

In a family, the eldest sibling is the most responsible after the parents for the family to bond together. The eldest sibling keeps the next generation bonded with the parent and also the younger siblings of the family as a connecting bridge. This beautiful vision of the sibling connection is demonstrated by Shri Ram in Ramayan, who with his bonding has defined the relation of siblings in a family.


Maharaj Dasarath’s family was of three wives and four sons. Although not born to the same mothers, the brothers shared a bond of love which kept them united forever. It is natural for differences to occur when it comes to inheritance. Relations are put to test and the integrity is questioned. The same situation is faced by Shri Ram and his brothers by none other than their mother Kaikeyi as to the inheritance to the throne of Ayodhya. But Shri Ram instead of retaliating to it accepts his mother’s decision. Lakshman follows suit and sets an example of selfless sacrifice. On the other hand, Bharat does his duty responsibly and refuses to get crowned as a king. He rushes to Chitrakut along with Shatrughan and offers back the kingdom to Shri Ram. Thus none of them allows their bond of love to break up for inheritance.

Misunderstandings between siblings can make the relation bad, and Shri Ram wards it off by clearing Lakshman’s doubts on Bharat. When Lakshman comes to know about the arrival of Bharat at Chitrakut, he thinks that Bharat is coming to attack them. But Shri Ram convinces Lakshman that Bharat would never do such a thing and makes their relation strong. Shri Ram does not take sides, but unites all his brothers on a single stand of Dharma. Where it is natural to see brothers fighting for power, all are overwhelmed with joy to see Shri Ram and Bharat sacrificing their happiness for one another. As an elder brother, Shri Ram becomes successful in holding the family together with selfless and unconditional love for his brothers.

It is because of the strong belief of Shri Ram in his brothers and the bonding that Lakshman stands with him, Bharat takes up the duty of upholding the kingdom in his absence and Shatrughan does his job in assisting the mothers and the royal palace. Shri Ram’s belief that a divided family never stands drives the younger brothers to be united through difficult times and keep the mothers’ at solace. By all of them doing their Dharma, they bring endless fame and name to their family and also the entire Raghukul dynasty. This only proves that the siblings bond keeps the family moving further and the same bons also spreads to further generations too in the family.

Shri Ram and Ravan thus both made an identity of their own as the eldest of the siblings. While Shri Ram’s life teaches us what to do, Ravan reminds us what not to, and that’s how the eldest sibling in the family makes a difference either way.