Choosing the right friend is choosing success in life teaches Ramayan

God destines, but man chooses. This is very true in the aspect of making one of the most important choices of life which is friendship. While relations are destined by the Almighty, friends are choices made by one self, and it is no boasting that the choice of friendship helps life go either into a successful one or a disaster. This clarity is seen very aptly in Ramayan where Shri Ram chose his friends on the basis of Dharma and pure love and Ravan on the other hand was biased on the dictates of power and strength and hence, they were none who could be called as his true friends.
Shri Ram accepts a friend as how he is and never wants them to change for him. While accepting Nishad Raj Guh’s simple hospitality, Shri Ram shows the important aspect of acceptance and respect
in friendship. But whomever Ravan chose as his friend needed to accept his superiority like it or not. He forced on a condition that they do things as he pleases as Ravan never accepted anybody against his favour. Forced friendship never lasts.
Although Shri Ram had the choice of choosing Bali as his friend, he yet chose to be Sugriv’s friend supporting Dharma. While Ravan’s friendship with Bali was more for a sage guard reason as Bali was powerful and it would help Ravan, This action of Ravan is more an agreement and a treaty, than friendship. Friendship is not a political agreement nor a war treaty, but a selfless act of love and trust.
The greatest attribute of a friend is to forgive the mistakes of the other. After becoming the king of Kishkinda, Sugriv is lost in pleasures. When Lakshman comes and warns him, Sugriv realises his mistake and seeks forgiveness of Shri Ram. But, Shri Ram simply says that to err is human and a true friend always forgives. With this kind gesture of Shri Ram, Sugriv totally devoted himself and his whole army in getting back Mata Sita to Shri Ram. Friendship knows no grudges.
Ravan goes against all the friendly advices given by Marich, Visbhishan, Kumbhakarn who as true friends and companions asked him not to hinder Dharma. With this, he loses the trust and devotion of his people. While Marich chose to die in the hands of Shri Ram than Ravan, Vibhishan left Ravan
for good and Kumbhakarn sacrificed his life for the people of Lanka. By not accepting his mistakes, Ravan committed the greatest mistake of his life. Trust lost is a good friend lost.
The best people and the best sources were given as friendship choices to both Shri Ram and Ravan. While Shri Ram chose the sincere friends without any discrimination of highs and lows, Ravan chose the artificial ones. Their choice decided their way of success in life asserting one of the highlights of Ramayan that choice of friendship is the choice of success and failure for man in life.