Clever and wise thinking always helps to overcome adversities

The fight of Dharma over injustice is a continuous one since times eternal. Although evil dominated the good forces, the victory was always of the good. Mahabharat depicts this fight in reality wherein the Pandavas with their belief in Dharma, fight the injustice of the Kauravas and win over the adversities of life. Although the Kauravas had , issued all their powers to create many a difficult situation, it was the wisdom and clever thinking of Vidur and Shri Krishna and Yudhisthir which made the Pandavas understand the upcoming danger and overcome it with a clever solution. The three wise men teach us that even in the dire circumstances, if one doesn’t lose his cool and thinks with a clam mind, he can get over any kind of danger. The adversities were not one, but many. But, it was the alertness which always helped them overcome each of them.


When the Pandavas were sent to Varanavat and placed in a house of wax, it was the keen intellect of Vidur which protected them from the upcoming danger. Vidur sends a code to Yudhisthir in a form of a rat kept in a cage signifying the Pandavas that when a fire breaks out in the forest, it is only the rat which is safe as it goes into a burrow underground safeguarding itself from the fire. This gives an idea to Yudhisthir that a tunnel has to be built to save them from the fire which was to be set by Duryodhan to kill them. The smart thinking of both the wise men averts a great danger for the Pandavas.

Another complex situation came up in the form of Rishi Durvasa when he was instigated by Duryodhan to test the Pandavas during their exile. When the sage comes with all his disciples come and demand hospitality from Yudhisthir. When Yudhisthir and Draupadi are worried about the same, Shri Krishna comes in the right time and saves them by eating a small morsel of grain from the Akshaypatra and in turn fills the stomach of Rishi Durvasa.

Another adverse situation the Pandavas faced was during their Agnyatavas (hiding period) after their exile in the Virat kingdom. Keechak grows lust on Draupadi and starts tormenting her to accept him. However, as they were in the danger of being revealed, Yudhisthir plays the game cleverly by calling Keechak to the dancing hall and sending Bheem in the disguise of Draupadi and killing Keechak. With his wise thinking, Yudhisthir not only saved them from hiding, but also taught Keechak a lesson for his life for wishing the other man’s wife.

It is rightly said that an arrogant person does not think far as he is overshadowed with false ego and more worried about his control over power. Such a kind of person like Duryodhan can never be happy although surrounded with power and riches. In contrast, Yushisthir with the belief in Dharma and faith in the men who supported him had the foresight to oversee a situation with caution and deal it with wisdom. All the above, he had complete faith in Shri Krishna who was their true strength unlike power and riches and such a person wins over all the adversities of life, sooner or later with his wisdom and patience.