Confidence is the perfect answer to Ego demonstrates Shri Ram

Confidence is such a strength which make do the impossible possible. The balance line of confidence is very subtle where it gets divided into the zones of underconfidence and over confidence, both leading to downfall. Hence, one should be able to balance the line of confidence in a way that a gymnast balances himself on the rope tied to two poles with a stick in his hand. If the balance of the gymnast is the confidence and talent on the rope of life, the stick is the support of the Almighty which helps us go ahead with determination. This balance helps us gain the greatest accomplishments and reach the other end of the rope. Balancing between over and under confidence is what is left to the wisdom of a human. This balance is very clearly differentiated in the approach of Shri Ram and Ravan in their lives.


Both of the warriors were born in great dynasties which bought glory to their clan through their valour and intellect. However, while Shri Ram could achieve the balance of confidence, Ravan let his confidence develop into ego. With nobility and humility, Shri Ram won the hearts of all his people and became dear to them, while Ravan with his pride was feared by all.

When Ravan wanted to abduct Mata Sita, he resort to deceit as he was overcome with under confidence and fear. He did not have the courage to face Shri Ram directly and takes the support of Marich who warns him of the consequences. Although Ravan does what all he can to escape Shri Ram, he finally ends up facing the valiant warrior in battle field and meets his doom. Being the mighty warrior, Shri Ram balances his confidence to the blessings of his Gurus, almighty and the support of all the Vanar warriors which depicts his balance of confidence.

The arrogance and pride with which Ravan enters the battlefield itself depicts his over confidence and pride. When a person is overcome with ego, he understimates the power of the opponent and Ravan does the same ridiculing Shri Ram as a mere hermit who was banished to the forest. Quite the opposite to Ravan, Shri Ram gives back his answer through his powerful arrows with which Ravan’s chariot, bows and arrows and his entire weapons are destroyed and Ravan is left at the mercy of Shri Ram alone on the ground.

What Shri Ram teaches here is not to kill an enemy when weapon less but to kill his ego by leaving him unharmed. Shri Ram gives a perfect answer through his confidence to Ravan’s superficial ego. By challenging Ravan to come back the next day, Shri Ram again demonstrates that a person who is confident is daring enough to give his opponent another chance. By respecting the rules of warfare, Shri Ram proves that he is a true warrior.

Confidence is the strength which gives power to overcome all obstacles, however the thin line of balance of not letting one fall on its either side should be learnt. While Shri Ram could balance it all his life, Ravan led his life fall to overconfidence and met his end. Their lives are a clear comparison of the definitions of confidence and ego.