Along with three brothers, Lord Ram has a sister; Daughter of king Dasharath and Queen Kaushalaya

According to Oriya Ramayan, Ayodhya’s king Dasharath’s daughter took birth from queen Kaushalya’s womb, named Shanta. Kaushalya had a sister named Vershini , and she was married to Rompada the king of Anga desh. Vershini and Rompada were issueless, hence they requested Dasharath and Kaushalya to adopt Shanta. Queen Kaushalya and King Dasharath accepted their request and abandoned Shanta for them.


As per tales, later, Shanta got married to Rishi Rishyashringa. He was very scholar with Vedas. When king Dasharath wanted to have son/sons to rule the empire of Ayodhya after him, Maharshi Vashishthh suggested him to do Putrakameshti Yagya which should be performed only by Rishi, Rishyashringa, husband of Shanta.

Sage Rishyashring did conduct the Yagya through which the Yagya Purush (Deity) had emerged with a pot of sweet pudding (Kheer), which was distributed equally to all the three queens of King Dasharath. After completing Yagya, Rishi Rishyashring left Ang Desh and took renunciation in a far away ashram.


The descendants of Sage Rishyashringa and Shanta are known as Sengar Rajputs who are also known as Rishivanshi Rajputs. There is a temple at Kigga, a small town near Shringeri, Karnataka, where idols of Shringa Rishi and Goddess Shanta are hosted. Shanta is said to have nursed Dasharath during his death bed.