Defining family as a bond of love and togetherness

It is family which defines the identity of values like love, trust, togetherness by which the world looks a better place. A beautiful connection of such a family is seen in the Ramayan where a perfect definition is given through the deeds of all the members where all stood for each other and became the most unique family of all.
Standing for each other – When it comes to challenges of life, the first one to help us understand is family. When Maharaj Dasarath faced the challenge of standing up on his word, it was Shri Ram who came upfront and accepted his father’s word as his own and fulfilled Mata Kaikeyi’s wish of going to exile. But, he was not alone in facing the challenge. Mata Sita and Lakshman followed suit and became Shri Ram’s morale strength in accompanying him to the forest. Although the fight of Mata Kaikeyi was for her son, Bharat stood out in his exemplary action of defending Shri Ram’s right to inheritance and taught his mother a lesson about true family love. He rushes to Chitrakut to offer back Ayodhya to Shri Ram. When Shri Ram choses to fulfil his father’s promise, Bharat choses to be his representative and follows a life of an ascetic. The challenge faced was to break the unity of the family, but doing their duty towards each other, none of the brothers break up their unity for the feud of inheritance.
Having trust – Everyone has a different thought process in the family, but what makes them agree and respect each other’s thoughts is trust. Different opinions, judgement misunderstandings between families can make relations bad, but Shri Ram keeps them all intact. He wards away all the hate of Lakshman for Mata Kaikeyi and makes it clear that she is their mother and deserves respect. When it comes to the doubts of Lakshman on Bharat, Shri Ram very subtly, yet strongly makes Lakshman understand how pure a soul is Bharat. Shri Ram convinces Lakshman that Bharat would never forsake them for kingdom and makes not only his relation but that of Lakshman and Bharat strong too. Shri Ram does not take sides, but supports all his brothers on the basis of trust in each other.
Standing for each other’s belief – It is not only working for one’s goals, but a family works for each other’s goals to be accomplished. With Shri Ram standing up for his father’s promise, he worked to stand for the goal of truthfulness of his father. Mata Sita gave up all the comforts of a palace and walked with Shri Ram barefoot giving support to Shri Ram achieve his goal. Lakshman imposed self- exile on himself and took care of all the little comforts of Shri Ram and Mata Sita while they faced the hardships of the forest. Bharat gave up the inheritance of the throne and lived a life of an ascetic equal to Shri Ram. The mothers and Shatrughan took care of the royal household and supported the morale of the people of Ayodhya. For the goal of Shri Ram in upholding Dharma, all stood up for him and that is what makes a strong family.
A family is the best gift the Almighty provides one with, and if such a family has each other’s back all time, the entire world adores them as the best family ever, just Shri Ram’s family is worshipped and revered for all times eternal.