Dharma – The essence of Kishkinda Kand

When Dharma is protected by man, it protects Mankind. This is the universal truth prevailing since the time of the Vedas. In our land of Sanatan Dharma, this truth is attributed not only to an individual, but to the society as a whole. When everyone fulfils their responsibilities duly as their respective dharma, then the country and its people are always in the progressive track.


The epic of Ramayan is great because of the same trait that every character in the epic follows their individual dharma sincerely, with Shri Ram as their inspiration, which leads to the destruction of evil and establishment of Dharma all over the world. Even in the most difficult circumstances also, Shri Ram never loses sight of Dharma and is always righteous in his conduct.

Kishikinda Kand reflects the aspects of Dharma by delving into its deep and finer aspects. Shri Ram marks its start by promising Sugriv that he would kill Bali and relieve Sugriv of his misfortune caused by him. It is very clear that even though Bali was the powerful one, Shri Ram took the side of Sugriv as Dharma was on his side. Once Shri Ram comes to Sugriv’s aid, Sugriv is no longer the weak one, but even more powerful than Bali. He gets back his kingdom and also his wife and is crowned as the king of Kishkinda.

Shri Ram is questioned by Bali for not facing him one to one, but instead killing him from far away, But Shri Ram explains the deeper aspect of Dharma behind his act that the sin of snatching away his brother’s wife is a heinous act and as he behaved like an animal, he was hunted down like an animal. As a representative of a righteous king Bharat, hence, he punished Bali. Thus he fulfils not only the dharma of a king, but also the dharma of a friend. Bali although argues with Shri Ram initially, the moment he understands the truth behind Shri Ram’s act, he becomes his devotee. Though the action of Shri Ram here has all reasons to be correct, yet Shri Ram gives Bali a chance to make it even. In the Dwapar Yug, as an incarnation as Shri Krishna, he accepts it duly and lets Bali who is born as a hunter shoot an arrow on his foot through which Dharma becomes balanced for both.

Sugirv does not go back on his word too. As his prime responsibility, he starts a vast search with his enormous army of monkeys in search of Mata Sita. His army too follows their king’s command as their prime duty and give in all the efforts to keep up their king’s word. In fact, the troupe led by Angad also decides to give up their life at one point of time when they do not get any information of Mata Sita. They are the representation of an aspect that not only the king, but their subjects too should follow the path of Dharma in all situations and teach the lesson that Dharma is not confined to any one particular individual or leader, but to all as a whole in a society. Right from the eternal devotee Hanuman to the wise Sampati, all do their individual duty towards Shri Ram and thus pave
way for the destruction of evil forces. धर्मो रक्षति रक्षक्षिः is the essence of Kishikinda Kand.