Different qualites, united for life

Ramayan is a treasure of values which helps one build on the richness of life. Shri Ram and his brothers have taught mankind that the greatest riches is not to have possess material wealth nor lead life as a running race, but to enrich ourselves with virtues and give more importance of values  of love, care, togetherness and righteousness. The same is proven by the four brothers of Ramayan where all shone with different qualities, but which kept them united.


Truth and Righteousness – Nothing shines like the truth and hence Shri Ram who was the mirror of truth shone like the sun which could never be overshadowed by the clouds of adversities. He fights Manthara’s evil schemes with truth, keeps the value of his father’s promise and becomes an ideal person for the whole world. Believing in equality, he embraces the devotion of his devotees like Nishad Raj and Mata Shabari. Without any distinctions of to which genre one belonged to, he makes Hanuman, his eternal devotee and Sugriv his dear friend. He shows a new meaning of trust when he gives refugee to Vibhishan from the demon clan. With the will power to fight for Dharma, he fights for Mata Sita’s honour and teaches a lesson to Ravan who disrespected womanhood and Dharma.

Sacrifice and Service – It takes a lot to be truthful, but it takes even more to be selfless and sacrifice one’s own comforts for the sake of truth. Lakshman shone with this quality all his life. Right since childhood, he served Shri Ram with total dedication. Lakshman’s love for Shri Ram is such that he is ready to fight the whole world for his brother, but at the same time, never went against Shri Ram’s command. Though having all choice of staying back in the kingdom, he accompanies Shri Ram to the forest and serves him without thinking of his own comfort, sleep and care. The greatest aspect of his sacrifice is that he never boasted about it and simply did it as his duty towards his brother.

Loyalty – Even though Bharat was given a great kingdom to rule over by his father and brother, Bharat stands up for what is right and reject to fall for the greed of his own mother. He stands for his brother’s rights and dedicates his life to the lotus feet of Shri Ram. With great loyalty and love for his brother, he leads a life of a hermit just as Shri Ram and safeguards the kingdom as a representative of Shri Ram. Loyalty for Dharma and Shri Ram becomes the greatest quality for which Bharat is remembered always.

Silent Support – Shatrughan did not speak much, nor did he keep silent in punishing Manthara when he comes to know about her evil plan. Shatrughan was the silent strength of the four brothers and simply did his duty and served his brothers as per his Dharma. Just as Lakshman, he serves Bharat silently understanding his Bharat’s pain in Shri Ram’s separation. He gives solace and comfort to his mothers and keeps them hopeful about things coming back into order once Shri Ram returns. Being the youngest, he does the greatest duty of being the silent support of all his brothers. The four brothers never compromised on their values and with resolve, they proved that no problem or adversity can defeat them. With different qualities, the brothers were united for life.