Duty is greater than emotion conveys Shri Ram

Life is a cycle of emotions in which man keeps circling like the spokes of a wheel. However, it is very important that one should not be carried away by emotions and be responsible towards life’s challenges. When one faces a challenge with a neutral mind rather than getting ruled by  the emotion of facing it, then any difficult challenge can be tackled and won.


Shri Ram was very attached to his dear ones, and what makes him unique that his affection did not change with the situation, and was the same always. He loved his family in the same way and accepted them for what they were. He never let anybody influence him in a negative way towards his family, and always was clear in his thoughts towards them.

Shri Ram’ life takes a turn in just one night, wherein the day when he was to be crowned the king, becomes the day of his departure for exile. But, he does not get carried away by sorrow and faces it with a smile. He consoles his mother Kaushalya to be strong and take care of his father who was lost in the sorrow of his separation. His love for queen Kaikeyi did not change with her act and he takes her blessings before leaving for the forest. When the royal family and the people of Ayodhya were sunk in the sorrow, he reminded them of their responsibilities and asked them to give importance to duty over emotion and stay strong.

Lakshman was filled with anger and rage when he hears about his brother’s exile and decides to rebel against the king. Lakshman was carried away with the emotion of anger because of his brother’s exile, but Shri Ram calms Lakshman down by explaining the situation Maharaj Dasarath was facing for upholding his truthfulness. Shri Ram reminds Lakshman the responsibility of a son towards his father and their duty to fulfill the same. He makes the entire family strong on the upliftment of Dharma through which even Queen Kaikeyi repents her decision.

When Shri Ram leaves for exile, he leaves as an ascetic donating his entire wealth and Mata Sita and Lakshman too walk in his footsteps. They sleep on a bed made of leaves and eat tubers and fruits. Yet, they do not get carried away with the pain of leaving the comforts in which they were brought up, but take the hardships with a smile and as a duty to fulfil their parent’s wishes.

Bharat and Shatrughan rush to Chitrakut and Bharat becomes adamant that he would give up his life if Shri Ram wouldn’t return to Ayodhya. Again, Shri Ram reminds Bharat his responsibility to keep up the word of their departed father and stand on the promise given to him, so that his fame would not be unperturbed even in the heaven. Shri Ram motivates Bharat reminding him that getting carried away by emotions of grief is the act of a loser, but standing up to the hardships and fulfilling the responsibilities is the trait of a winner.

Responsibilities are given importance above emotion only when there is true love. A person who feels responsible towards his loved ones, puts aside his own joys and sorrows and strives for the happiness of his dear ones, and Shri Ram fits in here perfectly when he fulfilled his responsibilities with great love and affection towards his dear ones, instead of being ruled by his own emotions.