Ego has only one fear, to face the truth – Ravan and Hanuman

Out of all the good virtues one possesses, being truthful is the strongest virtue which helps in every stage of life. Out of all the bad habits one inculcates, developing an ego is the most vulnerable, as it blinds the person to face situations openly in the right way. Ego fears nothing as it is blinded with its own arrogance. However, there is one thing which it fears, is the truth. Truth is small and simple, but it creates a fear like a mountain in an egoistic person, just like how Hanuman created fear in Ravan by speaking the simple truth and showing Ravan the blunders of his own ego.

Hanuman crossed the Ocean to meet Mata Sita and assure her that Shri Ram would come along with a huge Vanar army and free her from the chains of Ravan. But he doesn’t stop there and decides to find out the strength of Ravan by meeting him. He destroys the Ashok Vatika, by which a fight between Indrajeet and Hanuman ensues. Finally Indrajeet captures Hanuman.

The demons then tie Hanuman into chains and take him to the court of Ravan. Hanuman yields to all their actions as his main motive is to meet Ravan. The moment Ravan sees Hanuman, fear enters him. But he hides it and with contempt, asks Hanuman as to why did he plunder Ashok Vatika, Hanuman simply answers that he is a messenger of Shri Ram and counsels Ravan to give back Mata Sita to Shri Ram. Ravan mocks him for his talk in bounded chains. Hanuman simply breaks lose the chains to which he is bounded and declares that it was on his own wish that he was bounded to the Brahmastr, but not because he was weak to face it.

Hanuman then mentions the qualities and glories of Shri Ram and points out that he along with his whole clan would perish if he did not hand over Mata Sita back to Shri Ram. While doing so, Hanuman reminds Ravan of all his victories and also the great knowledge he has. Hanuman acts as the perfect messenger wherein he respects the dignity of the enemy but at the same time does not compromise in explaining the strength of Shri Ram too.

The biggest blow of fear comes to Ravan when Hanuman very calmly reminds Ravan of his flaw in obtaining Bramha Ji’ boon. Ravan out of arrogance ignores protection from men and monkeys and thus, he has danger from both Shri Ram and Sugriv. Hanuman mentions the prowess of Shri Ram by taking Bali’s name and how the great warrior was killed by Shri Ram.

Ravan knew that it was the first time that an outsider had entered Lanka breaking their gates and also slayed many of his powerful warriors which included his own son. But he doesn’t pay heed to it, as he was so self-centred to get Mata Sita for himself. It was fear that Ravan did not face Shri Ram and he opted to use Marich as bait while abducting Mata Sita. The result was the start of Lanka’s doom. It was fear that made him punish Hanuman by lighting Hanuman’s tail. But, the result was that Ravan had to face his fear through a burning

Lanka. Whom Ravan thinks to be a mere monkey becomes the cause of fear to Ravan, thus proving that being truthful is the most courageous thing to do and ego fears truth.