Every problem has a solution proves Hanuman

There is no person who is exempt from adversities of life. Each and everybody go through difficulties in life, but the strong ones emerge winners and get back to achieve their goals. To inspire mankind to accept this fact and boost their confidence, the Almighty himself goes through difficulties and fights back the adversities. In Ramayan, in spite of being the incarnate Supreme Being, Shri Ram faces the adverse situation of Lakshman falling unconscious to the blow of Indrajeet. Shri Ram is devastated by this incident as Lakshman was dear to him more than his life. But, the solution comes in the form of his faithful devotee Hanuman who comes to the rescue of Lakshman and proves that faith in Shri Ram gives the strength to fight any great adversity and win over it.


In the battle of Lanka, Indrajeet comes as the last warrior left from Ravan‘s camp and challenges Lakshman in battle. But he is unable to confront the power of Lakshman, he resorts to sorcery and makes Lakshman unconscious with the Shakti arrow. Seeing Lakshman fall unconscious, the camp of Shri Ram is in total despair. Shri Ram laments bitterly over his brother’s plight. The great warrior who has the power to control all his senses has no control over his grief and cries bitterly for his brother. He laments that fighting such a great war when he has to lose his brother is of waste. Shri Ram vows not to return back to Ayodhya without Lakshman, as he believes life is a sheer waste without him.

However, not all is gone and the Vanar physician Sushen gives hope to Shri Ram that Lakshman can be saved. Sushen mentions of the divine herb Sanjeevani available on the Dron Parvat in the Himalayas. He mentions that if the herbs can be bought before sunrise, Lakshman would regain back conscious. But Shri Ram despairs that how could a herb from the long distanced Himalayas reach Lakshman in one night and this is when the mighty Hanuman comes forward. Unable to even think of his swami in grief, he immediately sets off to Himalayas to get the herb and save Lakshman. With his final hope on Hanuman, Shri Ram blesses Hanuman knowing that Lakshman’s life is in the hands of Hanuman.

Hanuman reaches Himalayas in the speed of wind, but is unable to trace the herb. But not losing hope and with utmost faith in Shri Ram, he finds a solution which becomes the greatest feat of faith ever witnessed by the entire Universe. Uttering Shri Ram’s name with total faith, he uproots the whole mountain and carries it along with him and reaches Lanka on time. Lakshman is treated with the herb and regains conscious to the immense happiness of Shri Ram. Not only Lakshman, the fragrance of the herbs helps all the wounded Vanar army too regain their normal health and get ready for battle again with renewed energy.

Shri Ram has no words to express his delight for his eternal devotee Hanuman. He embraces Hanuman for his great deed and blesses him to be a Chiranjeevi (immortal). Becoming the life giver of Lakshman, Hanuman teaches through this incident that one should always have the courage to fight any unpredictable situation, find a solution as nothing is impossible. Every problem has a solution when fought with faith and trust in the Almighty.