Every problem has a solution says Shri Ram

There are two sides of every challenge. Looking at a glass of half-filled water, the positive person sees it as a half-filled one, but the negative attitude makes the same glass as an half empty one. The one who thinks that every problem is an experience of life and faces it with confidence becomes successful in life, and Shri Ram is the finest inspiration who looked at life as a half -filled glass, but not as the half empty one.
At the time of exile – When Queen Kaikeyi asks Shri Ram to crown Bharat as king and leave for the exile, Shri Ram faces the first problem of his life. But, he derives strength from the same problem saying that he would be more than happy to see his younger brother crowned king and also make his life meaningful by visiting the pious sages of the forest during his exile. Thus, he makes the condition a boon for him and starts a different adventure of his life. Not only he goes to the exile making his life blessed by the divine Sages, but also becomes their protector by killing all the demons of the Dandak forest.
When Mata Sita is abducted – Shri Ram never feels any pain of living in the forest all the years, but he feels devastated when his beloved Sita is abducted. Both the brothers do not have a clue about where she has gone or taken away. Yet, with the support of Lakshman, Shri Ram stands strong and faces the problem. Taking a clue from the animals of the forest pointing towards South, the brothers start their search. Right from Jatayu to Hanuman, all become a part of the quest of Mata Sita and emerge victorious.Had Shri Ram returned back in despair by losing hope and not thinking of a solution, the story would be a different one unimaginable.
When the Ocean poses a problem – Crossing the mighty Ocean to reach Lanka was an impossible task. While all are worried about how to solve the problem, Shri Ram respecting the laws of nature first asks for permission of the Ocean for giving way. But when Ocean refuses, Shri Ram decides to dry up the water which is when Samudra Dev rushes to him and gives the idea of bridging the Ocean. Instead of worrying, Shri Ram here thinks of all alternates which would help him solve the problem, which leads to the ever impossible task being possible through the mighty Ram Setu.
Feeling distressed for Lakshman – The great battle wages between Shri Ram and Ravan. While Shri Ram stands for Dharma and does a fair fight, Ravan and his army resorting to sorcery and evil means bring trouble for Shri Ram in many ways. The greatest difficulty Shri Ram faces is when Lakshman falls unconscious to the arrow of Indrajeet. Lakshman is dearer to Shri Ram than his life and Shri Ram finds no meaning in waging the war with Lakshman gone. But with Hanuman’s determination in getting the Sanjeevani herb and saving Lakshman, Shri Ram gains back his hope and confidence to get back to his duty of upholding Dharma, and it leads to the final defeat of Ravan in battle.
A positive outlook helps makes the challenges a part of life, and a negative approach makes one feels that life itself is a problem. Shri Ram taught mankind that problems are experiences of life and positive thinking solves problems and makes even the universe work for us in a positive way.