Facing destiny with a smile is courage explains Ramayan

The cycle of birth and death is in the hands of Almighty, but destiny is something to which even the Almighty is bound to. Destiny is a powerful tool which changes the course of life in the way it wants to, and one who is prepared for the same is the one upholding the virtue of courage. Just as, in a battle, facing the opponent is destiny, but facing the opponent with a confidence of winning is courage. Everybody’s destiny is different, but courage is the one common virtue which helps us overcome those and the perfect example for the same is Ramayan, where Shri Ram , being the Almighty itself, chose to face destiny in the way it comes with courage and never leaving the side of Dharma.
Being a prince, yet facing life of exile – Shri Ram’s life was a perfect one when at Gurukul, marrying his beloved Sita and being the most adored person by his whole family and Ayodhya. Although being the favourite of Queen Kaikeyi, he is put to test by her itself to leave the kingdom and reside in the forest. Shri Ram takes the order with a smile and with no fear of facing the uncertainties of the forest life. When Lakshman decides to rebel against the unjust wish of Queen Kaikeyi, Shri Ram not only convinces Lakshman of the Dharma behind it, but also reminds Lakshman of the respect she deserves always as their mother. Along with Mata Sita and Lakshman, he humbly leaves his royal clothes, comforts and life of a palace and proceeds on the duty of Dharma thus proving that a courageous person is not affected by the unexpected challenges of life and gets ready to face them.
Away from comforts, but not from duty – The forest is not a bed of roses, but the path of thorns, yet nothing deters the courage of Shri Ram. The greatest wisdom and courage of a person is to accept life as how it comes. As a true dharma of a Kshatriya prince, he utilises his time in the forest to protect the dutiful sages of the Dandak forest, and also gives them assurance from the attacks of the demons of Ravan. Along with Lakshman, he becomes a soldier who protects his people and land. A courageous person always works for creating a better life for himself and his people, but does not let himself down.
Facing pain, but with hope – The greatest pain which Shri Ram faced was not being banished from Ayodhya nor leading a difficult life in the exile, but separation from his beloved Sita. Yet he musters courage in search of her. When destiny gives him the mighty Ocean as a barrier, he bridges the waters with his courage and confidence. With the mighty Vanar army, he faces an army of sorcery and trickery demons and gives courage to the whole of his monkey army. He not only self-motivates himself, but also motivates his army too and achieves success in the battle, thus proving that courage makes destiny abide to it.

It is the twists of destiny which measure the courage of a person, and Shri Ram proves it in every aspect of his life journey. Shri Ram teaches the main lesson of life is that one has to face destiny be what it may be, but when one faces it with grit and a smile that he is going to win, that attitude is the one which matters the most.