Faith in Shri Ram is Faith in Self proves Hanuman

It’s the belief of the Almighty that helps us move ahead in life through thick and thin. Life has its own ups and downs, but faith is the journey which enables us to walk in the up’s and down’s with hope and courage. The essence of this faith is seen in the journey of Shri Hanuman across the mighty ocean to reach Mata Sita. It is a beautiful lesson for mankind that with faith and confidence, no obstacle or barrier can stop one from reaching the goalpost of success.


Hanuman is the humble warrior who always credits his accomplishments to the faith in Shri Ram. With a single focus that he has to reach Lanka and meet Mata Sita, Hanuman takes the greatest leap of faith on the hundred Yojanas Ocean and starts his journey to Lanka. The journey is not smooth and he faces many encounters. But, for Hanuman, faith in Shri Ram is faith is self.

With great respect for the arduous task of Hanuman, the Mainak Mountain arises from the sea to give some rest to Hanuman on his long journey. But, Hanuman refuses it politely saying that he would not take any rest or food till his mission is accomplished. This shows his dedication towards his goal. Being dedicated and getting out of focus helps one to in concentrating on his task, and motivates to move ahead in life.

Life is never smooth and there are obstacles which all face. But, instead of looking at them as problems, one can take them as experiences to solve problems of life. When the Devas send Surasa, the mother of Nagas to test the prowess of mighty Hanuman, Surasa threatens to swallow him and refuses to clear his way without entering her mouth. With his intelligence and presence of mind, Hanuman humble agrees and grows in size, to which Surasa too increases her size. Seeing that she is engrossed in growing her size, Hanuman shrinks himself into a tiny size and enters her mouth and immediately comes out. Presence of mind and slight changes in confronting a problem provides a solution which is proved through Hanuman’s quick thinking.

Another   obstacle   came   in  form  of   the  vicious  demon   Simhika.   She   catches hold  of

Hanuman’s shadow in the sea and stops him.  But Hanuman fights against the strong demon

with courage and kills her. Simhika represents the weakness of mind and how it succumbs  to negative thoughts. But Hanuman fights with positivity and gives inspiration to fight our insecurities with dare and win over it.

In the final touchdown of Hanuman is his fight with Lankini, But nothing defies the spirit of Hanuman. First he politely seeks permission to enter Lanka, but when Lankini refuses, Hanuman shows her his strength. Lankini surrenders and says to Hanuman that the doom  of Lanka has begun with her defeat. This fight of Hanuman is like the finale test which the Almighty puts us to. But with complete surrender and total faith in him, one can overcome  it just as Hanuman did with Lankini.

All problems have solutions, but the solution is seen only when there is faith in Almighty. The Almighty blessings become our courage to face any obstacle and be successful. Although it was a vast ocean, Hanuman took the leap with faith in Shri Ram. It is the faith of Shri Ram itself which will help mankind to cross the Ocean of life too.