Faith is a huge leap- Hanuman’s journey to Lanka

The journey of Hanuman crossing the ocean to reach Lanka is a beautiful lesson for mankind which gives us an inspiring lesson that with faith and confidence, no obstacle or barrier can stop one from reaching the goalpost of success.

After Sampati tells the Vanar group about Mata Sita, all are initially happy, but the greatest problem posing is to cross the vast ocean of 100 yojanas. Great warriors like Jambavan and Angad express their inability to cross the mighty ocean and all attention turns towards Hanuman. Hanuman standing far away and wonders as to how to keep up the word given to Shri Ram. The wise Jambavan goes to him and then reminds him of his inner strength and tells him that he is the only one who can jump across the ocean. He also tells him that because of the immense faith of Shri Ram in Hanuman, that Shri Ram gave the ring to him to show it to Mata Sita as his token.

Thus encouraged by Jambavan and rest all, Hanuman transforms himself as large as a mountain and takes a huge leap in air, and starts his journey to Lanka. The journey is not smooth and he faces many encounters. But, he overcomes them with confidence and great presence of mind.
The noble Mainak Mountan arises from the sea to give some rest to Hanuman on his long journey. But, Hanuman refuses it politely saying that he would not take any rest or food till his mission is accomplished. This shows his dedication towards his goal. Seeing this, the devas decide to test the prowess of mighty Hanuman, and they send the mother of Nagas, Surasa to stop him midway.

Surasa threatens to swallow him. But when Hanuman explains his task, she softens her stance, but insists Hanuman should enter her mouth. Hanuman agrees and first increases his body, and Surasa too increases accordingly to his size, and suddenly Hanuman shrinks himself into a small size and enters her mouth and comes out. Surasa is mighty pleased with Hanuman’s quick thinking and blesses him victory in his task. Presence of mind and slight changes in confronting a problem suitable to the need of the hour always provides a solution which is proved through Hanuman’s quick thinking.

Another obstacle came in form of Simhika. The vicious demon catches hold of Hanuman’s
shadow in the sea and stopped him. Hanuman first wonders as to what is happening, but gains courage and fights the demoness and kills her. The catching of the shadow by Simhika is the weaknesses blocks and reservations what one has in mind which hinder our progress ahead. Hanuman’s courage in fighting the demon is an inspiration to fight insecurities inside is and face the journey.

Thus overcoming all obstacles with his faith in Shri Ram and belief in himself, Hanuman finally reaches Lanka. The final touchdown is his confrontation with Lankini, the demoness guarding Lanka. But, nothing defies the spirit of Hanuman. First he asks politely permission to enter Lanka, but when Lankini refuses, Hanuman strikes her with a hard blow. Lankini surrenders and says to Hanuman that the doom of Lanka has begun with her defeat.

All obstacles can be defeated, and all problems will have solutions. The journey of Hanuman is a leap of faith. It teaches us that while it is important to journey ahead in life, it is equally important to face the hindrances with confidence through which one achieves success.