Faith moves Mountains proves Shri Hanuman

Our faith should be like an illuminating lamp which not gives us light, but gives light to our surroundings too. Faith does not have a shape, a form, nor seen, but it can be felt in abundance. Faith is like the light in darkness, the wooden raft in the turbulent sea and the branch of a tree at the end of a cliff. The faith to hold on not only helps us gain strength and confidence, but also gives inspiration to hundreds in despair.



As a human, not always one can be strong. It is quite natural that human nature succumbs one or the other time to despair and sorrow in spite of being strong all times. But, the one who has faith gets back to fight, as his faith does not let him down. What one needs at that time is a small word of assurance, comfort and a push which will help them get back to their spirited self and get going again. A beautiful example of the same is when none other than Shri Ram was dejected and faith gave a little push in the form of Hanuman.

In the battle of Lanka, when all the warriors of Lanka succumb, Indrajeet comes to battle. Lakshman faces him and a strong battle ensues. However, when Indrajeet knew that he was on the verge of losing it, he shot the powerful Shakti Astra on Lakshman through deceit by being invisible and makes him unconscious.

When Lakshman is bought unconscious to Shri Ram, all the energy of Shri Ram is lost looking at his brother’s state. The mighty warrior who killed great warriors weeps like a child with his brother lying in his lap. His worry increases and he decides to end the war and also his life as he doesn’t want to return back to Ayodhya without Lakshman.

While all are worried at the plight of Shri Ram, Hanuman is not yet lost in despair. He reminds everybody that succumbing to problems is not the means and rather a solution should be worked out. When Sushen, the physician examines Lakshman and mentions that Lakshman would be alive with the herb of Sanjeevani from the Dron Parvat of the Himalayas, Hanuman gears up for the task with faith in himself and Shri Ram. He says that those who have faith in Shri Ram can go to any corner of the world and sets out for the herb.


As he knew he had to bring the herb before sunrise, he flies faster than the sun and reaches the mountain. When he is unable to recognise the correct herb, he carries the whole mountain with him and reaches the shores of Lanka. With Sanjeevani, Lakshman regains back conscious to the delight of Shri Ram. Thus, faith helped overcome a matter of life and death and got back life into Lakshman. With Lakshman back, Shri Ram regains his energy again, the army gets motivated again and all is set for victory against Ravan. It was Hanuman’s faith that gave everybody the much needed solution to the problem and hence he is fondly called as Lakshman Praan Daata.

When one has focus on the goal, all it needs is belief and have faith in oneself and God. It is nothing but faith which gives strength to a candle to remove darkness and one need to always safeguard that faith which is same as the one which gave strength to Hanuman to move mountains for his Shri Ram.