Few Interesting Reasoning’s in Ramayan

Ramayan gives an important message that when virtuous persons say or act something, there is always a reason behind it, which needs to be understood. There are few interesting incidents wherein Shri Ram’s actions and words have had subtle reasoning as to why he did those actions.


After the battle, Vibhishan is coronated as King of Lanka. He requests Shri Ram and Lakshman to spend some time in the city of Lanka. Lakshman was quite curious and wanted to see the beauty of the city, but Shri Ram politely declines the request. Lakshman asks the reason for his decline. Shri Ram says

अपि स्वर्णमयी लंका न में लक्ष्मण रोचते

जननी जन्मभूमिश्चा स्वर्गादरि गरीयसीए।।

The city of Lanka may be golden and a beautiful one, but to me my mother and motherland are greater than heaven. Shri Ram subtly teaches Lakshman that no place is heaven than one’s own motherland. Because of that supreme dedication towards Ayodhya, Shri Ram wants to return to Ayodhya as soon as he can and meet Bharat , Shatrughan and his mothers.

After Vibhishan is crowned the king of Lanka, Lakshman and Hanuman approach Shri Ram that they would go to Ashokvan to get Mata Sita back. But Shri Ram refuses their appeal and instead asks Vibhishan to go and escort Mata Sita with all due honours. Lakshman is quite surprised that why couldn’t he go to escort Mata Sita. Then Shri Ram tells him that Mata  Sita is none other than Bhagavathi Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth. For a king, it is very important that he gets the blessings of Bhagavathi Lakshmi to attain prosperity of the kingdom. Till Ravan was king, the grace of Bhagavathi Lakshmi was concealed as he was a sinful person and he insulted Mata Sita. But after Ravan’s death, it is important for Lanka to get back the blessings of Bhagavathi Lakshmi and as the king is the representative of the kingdom, Shri Ram sends Vibhishan so that his friend will have a darshan of Mata Sita so that he could be blessed by her and prosperity returns back to Lanka.

After the coronation of Shri Ram and Mata Sita in Ayodhya, all those who have come to witness the festivities were honoured and bestowed with numerous gits.  As Hanuman is  the most dearest to Mata Sita among all as her son, she calls him and gifts him her pearl necklace. Hanuman accepts it, but starts pulling out the pearls from the string. All are stunned by this act that how could Hanuman pull apart a gift given by Mata Sita herself.R


Shri Ram understands the behaviour of Hanuman, but innocently asks Hanuman the reason behind his action. Hanuman very humbly answers that Shri Ram and Mata Sita are present in every atom of the universe, so he was checking whether they can be seen in this necklace too and hence he was pulling it apart. Then Hanuman requests that instead of the pearl necklace adorning him, he would like Shri Ram and Mata Sita to be adorned in his heart. Immensely pleased, Mata Sita grants Hanuman the same, and since then, they both reside  in his heart giving him the greatest git of his devotion.

Such beautiful incidents in Ramayan teach us there is always an inner meaning behind actions of virtuous people. Hence it is important to reason with their actions as they do them to achieve the greater good. That is the essence of Ramayan.