Follow Advice of Ramcharitmanas For An Ideal Life

Every person in this world is striving for a happy and peaceful life. But, we should always remember that we get the result of what we actually do. If we do good work, we get a good return and if we harm others, we get to suffer. In other words, it is our own ‘karma’ that decides how good or bad our life will be.

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नमस्कार! जय श्री राम! हम आपको नित्य रामचरितमानस के महत्त्वपूर्ण, प्रेरणास्पद एवं ज्ञानवर्धक पद(चौपाई,दोहा,छंद,सोरठा,श्लोक) पठन के लिए उपलब्ध कराएंगे। आशा है हमारी इस पहल में आपका सहयोग मिलेगा। #shreeram #ram #ramayana #ramayan #sita #lakshman #hanuman #ravana #ayodhya #varanasi #banaras #kashi #mp #tulsidas #valmiki #vishnu #shiva #bholenath #mahakal #kailasgiri #ganga #saryu

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We often pray to God for wealth, fame, good health and trouble-free life. To get that, we should follow certain things and avoid some evil deeds. In Ramcharitmanas, there is a beautiful sloka or chant describing these facts and advising what is right or wrong.

Ramcharitmanas is about the lives of Bhagwan Ram and Ravan. If someone follows this holy book, they would know what they should do to get an ideal life.

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Swipe left👉 नीक – उत्तमता तेही-स्वाभिमानी अर्थ: भला भलाई ही ग्रहण करता है और नीच नीचता को ही ग्रहण किये रहता है. अमृत की सराहना अमर करने में होती है और विष की मारने में. रामचरितमानस 🙏🙏 #ramayana #ram #ramcharitmanas #ram #sprituality #religious #ram #writersociety #Writerscommunity #hate #livelife #lovequotes #hatequotes #lifequotes #writerscommunityofig #instalike #instagram #_thoughts_become_things . . Don't forget to follow @_thoughts_become_things

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In Aranya Kand of Ramayan, Surpanakha asked her brother, the king of Lanka, Ravan to get revenge from Bhagwan Ram, the king of Ayodhya and his brother Laxman, as Laxman cut her nose. At that time of the conversation between the two, Surpanakha told a few words to Ravan. Those words are still very relevant for every individual and society.

She said, “संग तें जती कुमंत्र ते राजा। मान ते ग्यान पान तें लाजा।। प्रीति प्रनय बिनु मद ते गुनी। नासहिं बेगि नीति अस सुनी।।” (Lust and greed can destroy a saint. Bad advice can destroy a king. Intoxication destroys shame. Lack of politeness can destroy love and ego can destroy the values of a person.)

This advice means whoever a person may be, he should never run for lust, never take bad advice and never get intoxicated. Also, he should avoid arrogance and should leave the ego. Following these things only can make him a happy person with peace, wealth, love and high moral values. So every person in his life should remember these ethics if they want their desires to be fulfilled.