For some, humility is a special gift

Every person has a gift, a virtue which makes them special. For one, intelligence is their strength, for some physical power is. If one deals with success as a warrior protecting his people, the other’s strength lies in being knowledgeable and bringing fame to his people. But, the important thing to be reminded is not only gaining and possessing strength, but retaining it is equally important and the virtue which helps retain that is humility. The Ramayan is one of the best examples of the same, where humility stands as the foundation of not only Shri Ram, but all his aides and devotees too.
Humility in service – Lakshman proved a worthy brother of Shri Ram wherein with his unconditional humble service, he stood as an icon of servitude. He not only served Shri Ram and Mata Sita all the time in the forest, but with his exceptional skills fought many great warriors of Lanka in the battle. When Shri Ram praised him for his victory over Indrajeet, Lakshman humbly dedicated his success to the worship of Shri Ram’s lotus feet. When Shri Ram wanted to make him the Yuvraj of Ayodhya after exile, he humbly refuses and requests that Bharat be made the Yuvaraj instead of him as he believes that Bharat deserves it more than him.
Humility in being righteous – While Lakshman was known for always expressing his love for his elder brother, Bharat was the silent devotee. He always had his heart set on the lotus feet of Shri Ram, but was never outspoken about it, which made him humble amongst all the brothers. When Shri Ram was exiled, Bharat with due nobility, did not take advantage of the kingdom he got through his mother’s deceit, but instead offered it back to Shri Ram. Although he was given all the right to be a king, he never sat on the throne, but lived a life of an ascetic worshipping the Padukas of Shri Ram as his representation. This humility made him rise to such heights that Shri Ram himself mentions that Bharat is the greatest among the four brothers.
Humility in faith – Even though possessing the world’s greatest powers , an example being taking of the leap over the vast Ocean , Hanuman always believed it to be the faith on Shri Ram which gave him the power to do so. His humility shines when he mentions to Ravan that Shri Ram’s army consists of warriors even greater than him, thus creating fear in Ravan. Single handedly, he rages Lanka to the ground, but in all this great tasks, he never takes credit for his accomplishments. With the chance to ask for all the great powers of the world from Shri Ram, Hanuman asks for nothing, but only Shri Ram’s eternal devotion forever.
These simple icons of Ramayan show that no matter what and how great their strength is, it only shines when one adorns the ornament of humility from within. After killing Ravan, when Brahma ji and Bhagwan Shiv come to praise him for the victory over Ravan and tell Shri Ram that he actually is the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, Shri Ram with all humility mentions that he recognises himself as the son of Maharaj Dasarath, and nothing else. Shri Ram proves that more one is down to earth, the higher his peak of success would be.