Four brothers of Ramayan – Four ideals of mankind

In a family of different individualities and perspectives, the bond which keeps them together are the ideals they follow in the walk of life. In Ramayan, the four brothers were representatives of four important ideals which inspire mankind to be strong both in times of happiness and sorrow. These inspiring ideals help mankind to stand firm in all times and Shri Ram – Truth


It is common that the youngsters in the family follow the footsteps of the elders. Shri Ram was indeed the ideal person for not only the youngsters of the family, but the entire kingdom of Ayodhya. The ideal of Shri Ram which inspire mankind till date are his stand for truth. For his father’s word, he leaves his kingdom without any questions, but only with a determination to keep up his father’s promise. Being righteous, he shone with equality and friendship and paved new ways to the society that all are equal when it comes to humanity and truth. He proved that he was a man way ahead of his times by making the world a better place with his qualities of humility, courage and compassion for all.
Lakshman – Selfless service

Lakshman is a perfect representation of servitude. Lakshman chooses to follow the footsteps of Shri Ram all his life. He served Shri Ram in the palace of Ayodhya and also in the exile. During the life of hardships, never was he worried about his own comfort, but instead saw to keeping Shri Ram and Mata Sita were comfortable in the little comforts of the forest and served them unconditionally. Although Urmila requests to accompany him the forest, Lakshman convinces her to stay back and take care of the family, thus stays separated for fourteen years from her. Lakshman proves that servitude is the best form of devotion and it has true meaning when done unconditionally.
Bharat – Loyalty

The definition of Bharat’s life is loyalty. Devastated by his mother’s deed, Bharat rushes to Shri Ram and seeks forgiveness for a mistake he did not commit. When Shri Ram reminds him of fulfilling their father’s word, Bharat agrees, but does not take advantage of the situation, but instead becomes a hermit like Shri Ram and becomes a representative of Shri Ram. Bharat sets an ideal that even elders of the family should be corrected when going on a wrong path and does his duty by retaining the rights and inheritance of Shri Ram with total loyalty and trust.
Shatrughan – Patience

Shatrughan was the youngest of all, but he was equal to his brothers for his virtues. Just as how Lakshman dedicates himself to Shri Ram, Shatrughan serves Bharat. Though the youngest of all, he takes the huge task of the comforting his mothers with all patience.

In silence, he supports his brothers and helps them fulfil their individual Dharma’s in the walk of life. Shatrughan ideal proves that it is important to have patience and be a support to the family while continuing walking on the path of Dharma, especially in adversities.
The four ideals of the four brothers are like the four directions which direct mankind to follow ideals with grit and determination and not get lost in a wrong path. Each of the ideal they followed became a footprint of truth which is followed by mankind in all times, giving strength to be human and making life meaningful.