Four virtues for which Shri Ram and his family stood

A family is not only bound by a blood relation, but also bound by virtues and factors which help the family grow as a string entity. It is the same strong bond which keeps a family together in times of joy and sorrow. Shri Ram and his family are the best example for denoting this togetherness and the virtues which kept them bonded always.

Duty – Right since childhood, Maharaj Dasarath and the three queens train their sons to be duty bounded. While, Shri Ram leaves for exile as his prime duty to fulfill his father’s promise, although feeling remorse, Kaushalya blesses him to be strong as a dutiful mother. Sumitra gives courage to Lakshman to follow his brother’s footsteps as her duty and Mata Sita leaving all the comforts of a queen follows Shri Ram as the foremost duty of a wife. All of them stand for their own duty which leads way to the greater duty of fulfilment of Dharma.

Truth – Maharaj Dasarath with all pain and suffering gets ready to send his dearest Shri Ram to the exile, for a single virtue that his boons given to Queen Kaikeyi cannot go false and his promise cannot go wrong. He sacrifices his life in the separation of Shri Ram, only after keeping up his word. As his righteous son, Shri Ram leaves his inheritance to the throne and gives it away to Bharat more than happily for the word given to Queen Kaikeyi. It is for truth that while the father gives his life, the son leaves his life of a prince and turns a hermit of the forest. Truth is the greatest bond which kept Maharaj Dasarath and Shri Ram connected always.

Loyalty – While Shri Ram proves his loyalty towards his parents, Shri Ram’s brothers prove their loyalty towards Shri Ram, standing for each other. Lakshman demonstrates exceptional loyalty by accompanying Shri Ram to the forest to serve him. Bharat gives a new meaning to loyalty by rightfully rejecting the kingdom earned by the greed of his mother. His loyalty reaches the pinnacle when he prefers to take up a life of a hermit and a representative of Shri Ram instead of being King, although Shri Ram insisted upon the same. Shatrughan does his job by following his elder brother’s footsteps and taking care of the family in adversities. None of them prefer happiness without each other and stay united as four brothers demonstrating true loyalty and love for each other.

Honour – When Ravan abducts Mata Sita by deceit, it becomes the duty of Shri Ram to regain the honour of Mata Sita and his family by punishing Ravan. The two brothers although clueless about the whereabouts of Mata Sita start a relentless search and reach Lanka. Mata Sita supports the honour of Shri Ram and her family by going through hardships in Lanka, but never succumbing to the threats or luxuries of Ravan. The importance what Shri Ram gave for Mata Sita was the importance given to the honour of womanhood. In the same way, Mata Sita gives importance to Shri Ram’s honour, when she refuses to accompany Hanuman and mentions that she wanted Shri Ram to get the glory of killing Ravan and regaining her honour back.

Family bonds are tested in times of difficulties and it is through these virtues that Shri Ram and his family permanently bonded with each other and let mankind know that there is no greater bond than that of a family.