Friendship defined by Bhagwan Ram

It is well known how Bhagwan Ram always followed the virtues of friendship and treated his friends as his equal. He has glorified each and every virtue of friendship through his conduct and love for his dear ones.

With his beloved SitaImageSource

Being the beloved of Mata Sita, Bhagwan Ram has indeed shown the beautiful example that the bonding of a husband and wife starts with friendship. He promises to be her best companion, friend and confidant and strengthens the bond of trust between them for eternity. Not only that, he treats her equal to him and requests her to always guide him and correct him, if she finds him altering any path of Dharma. This is the best quality of a friend where there is no place for any ego, and there is only trust and belief that the other is correcting them for their own good. Mata Sita totally respects this virtue and guides him even in the toughest decision when they both need to separate ways after becoming the king and queen of Ayodhya.

With the tribal chief Nishad Raj Guh


The tribal, Nishad Raj Guh is Bhagwan Ram’s childhood friend. Bhagwan Ram never forgets his companion of Gurukul, and embraces Nishad Raj when the latter comes to see him during his exile. He accepts the services of Nishad Raj and thanks him for being such a good friend. Not to disappoint his friend, he lets Nishad Raj accompany him till sometime in the forest. Friendship is beyond high and low of the society and it is only trust and love which is seen for each other. Bhagwan Ram sets this beautiful example through his friendship with Nishad Raj. He treats Nishad Raj so dear, that he does not forget his promise of coming to visit the latter before returning to Ayodhya after the time of exile.

With the Vaanar king SugrivImageSource

A friend in need is a friend indeed. This holds very true for the relation between the Bhagwan Ram and Sugriv. Bhagwan Ram comes in search of Sugriv to seek help from him in the quest of searching for Sita. They become friends and the first thing Bhagwan Ram promises Sugriv is to get his kingdom back by killing Bali. He keeps his need of search for Sita aside and first fulfils his promise to Sugriv. He sets an example as to how the friend’s need is taken care of first, even though one is in more need of something. As a good friend, he advises good counsel to Sugriv when he becomes king and helps him take care of Kishkinda’s welfare as the first priority. That is the true mark of friendship.

With Maharaj VibhishanImageSource

Vibhishan comes as a refugee, and Bhagwan Ram offers him his friendship. Although the brother of the enemy, he trusts in him and grants him protection. He respects the bhakti and the right conduct of Vibhishan and promises him the kingdom of Lanka. He does not hesitate to take good counsel from Vibhishan whenever needed and regards the friendship between them. The foundation of a friendship lies on trust, and Bhagwan Ram highlights this aspect in his friendship with the enemy’s brother. Vibhishan although loses all his kith and kin, remains loyal to Bhagwan Ram and helps him gain victory over Ravaan. The friendship of Bhagwan Ram and Vibhishan proves that friends together can win over any kind of adversity, when Dharma is on their side. Friendship is beyond everything and Ramayan proves that.