Friendship has no barriers- Shri Ram and Nishad Raj Guh

Friendship is beyond, high and low, caste and creed, rich and poor of the society. Shri Ram believed in this ideal truly. His friendship with the tribal king, Nishad Raj Guh proves how dear his friends were to him.


Nishad Raj Guh was Shri Ram’s childhood friend in Rishi Vasisht’s ashram. As the meaning of his name denoted, Guh (cave of the heart), Nishad Raj always worshipped Shri Ram in his heart recognising him to be none other than Bhagwan Vishnu. After their education was over, While Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya, Nishad Raj went to his tribal village Sringaverpur and was crowned the chief. Shri Ram promises Guh that he would definitely visit him, and Nishad Raj awaits his friend since then.

Later, Shri Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman come to spend fourteen years in the forest. They reach Sringaverpur on the banks of River Ganga and rest for the night under a Banyan tree. Nishad Raj comes to know about this and he rushes with all his people to get the darshan of his dear friend. He falls at Shri Ram’s feet, but Shri Ram lifts him and embraces him, saying that his place is not at his feet, but in his heart.

Coming to know of Shri Ram’s banishment, Nishad Raj feels sorrowful. He offers his village of Sringaverpur and requests Shri Ram to give the pleasure of serving him, but Shri Ram does not accept it as it is unrighteous. He convinces Nishad Raj to help him as friend to keep up his word and do the duty as a true friend. Unable to convince Shri Ram, Nishad Raj makes arrangements for them to stay under the banyan tree for the night. He feels very sad to see Shri Ram being barefoot, with no royal clothes and not even a bed to sleep on. He makes a soft bed out of leaves and tries to give him the maximum comfort he can.

The next morning, Shri Ram requests Nishad Raj’s help to arrange for a boat to ferry them across the Ganga. Nishad Raj requests Shri Ram to accompany them for few days in the forest. Impressed by the pure love of Nishad Raj, Shri Ram agrees to it and they cross the Ganga and go further. So unconditional is his friendship that Nishad Raj leaves his kingdom, people to accompany Shri Ram and serve him.


At Prayagraj, they seek the blessings of Rishi Bhardwaj’s Shri Ram introduces Nishad Raj as his dear friend to the sage. Shri Ram always believed in doing things right and he never hesitated to introduce the tribal chief belonging to the lower section of the society as his dear and close friend which fills Nishad Raj’s heart with gratitude and love.

When Shri Ram proceeds further to Chitrakut, he orders Nishad Raj to go back to his village, reminding him the duties towards the people of Shringaverpur. With a heavy heart, Nishad Raj bids them farewell. He waits till he gets a last glance of his dear friend and when he loses sight of Shri Ram, he goes back to his village with mixed feelings of sorrow and hope to see his friend soon. As promised, after completion of the exile, Shri Ram visits NishadRaj again
and fills his heart with joy. Since then, Nishad Raj also held a special place in the court of Ayodhya. Their relation is a beautiful example of friendship without any barriers lasting a lifetime.