Hanuman creates fear in Ravan

An intellectual warrior looks ahead of his task. After Hanuman kills the powerful sons and the commanders of Ravan, he decides to meet the great Ravan itself. Ravan sends his mighty son Indrajeet to capture Hanuman. Indrajeet goes and faces Hanuman and a battle ensues. Hanuman disarms all the powerful arrows shot by Indrajeet. Finally Indrajeet shoots the most powerful missile Bhrahmastr at Hanuman.
In reality, even Brahmastr cannot harm Hanuman as Brahma Ji grants a boon to Hanuman that no powerful arrow including the Brahmastr can harm him. But, the greatest quality of a warrior is to respect the power of the weapon with humility. Hanuman does the same and thus respecting the arrow gets bounded to it.

Then demons then tie Hanuman into chains and take him to the court of Ravan. Hanuman yields to all their actions as his main motive is to meet Ravan. Hanuman sees the mighty warrior Ravan and firstly gets surprised by the radiance he carries. He feels that if not for his ego, Ravan is indeed worthy being called a great warrior.

On the instructions of Ravan, Prahast asks Hanuman the purpose of his coming to Lanka and the reason as to why he plundered the Ashokvan. The demons looking at the mighty prowess of Hanuman wonder whether he is a messenger sent by the celestials to destroy Lanka. But Hanuman simply answers that he is none of them but a messenger of Shri Ram and counsels Ravan to give back Mata Sita to Shri Ram. He then simply breaks lose the chains to which he is bounded and declares that it was on his own wish that he was bounded to the Brahmastr, but not because he was weak to face it. All the demons are shocked by this as this creates a fear in them and Hanuman is successful in breaking the confidence of the warriors of Lanka.


Hanuman then mentions the qualities and glories of Shri Ram and points out that he along with his whole clan would perish if he did not hand over Mata Sita back to Shri Ram. While doing so, Hanuman reminds Ravan of all his victories and also the great knowledge he has. Hanuman acts as the perfect messenger wherein he respects the dignity of the enemy but at the same time does not compromise in explaining the strength of Shri Ram too.

The biggest blow comes when Hanuman very calmly reminds Ravan of his flaw in obtaining Bramha Ji’ boon. Ravan out of arrogance ignores protection from men and monkeys and thus, he has danger from both Shri Ram and Sugriv. Hanuman mentions the prowess of Shri Ram by taking Bali’s name and how the great warrior was killed by Shri Ram. Hanuman goes on to say that all the virtues obtained by Ravan were destroyed by abducting Mata Sita who was none other than the incarnation of goddess Lakshmi and thus his death was approaching him fast.


All these words have a great effect on Ravan as expected by Hanuman. But ego blinds even a knowledgeable person and he does not realise that it brings him closer to his doom.

Ravan’s end was near and hence all his acts one by one lead to his destruction, as he is blinded by one ego, and when one is blinded by ego, he himself becomes his doom. Thus, Hanuman is successful in his mission of creating the fear of Shri Ram in Ravan and fulfils his duty as a perfect messenger.