Hanuman teaches Bheem that humility is greater than strength

Every individual has a skill or a talent. For some it is physical strength, for some it is intelligence, for some it is creativity and for some it is art. However, when one gets proud of their strength, then it diminishes. It is only with humility that the strength of an individual shines, but not in pride. The same lesson is imparted by Hanuman to his brother Bheem that strength is magnified with humility.


During the exile of the Pandavas on the Gandhamadhan Mountain in the Himalayas, Draupadi and Bheem went for a stroll on the beautiful mountain. While walking, a thousand petal flowers come flying in the air and fell at the feet of Draupadi. The flower shone with great beauty and smelled very fragrant. Draupadi expressed a desire to have more of them with for the daily worship of Yudhishtir. Bheem set out on the expedition of getting the flowers in the direction from which the flower came.

Bheem was very proud of his strength and thought there was nobody to match him. He made big roars in his way flaunting his strength and frightening all the wild animals of the forest. Hanuman who resided on the same Mountain heard his roars and with his special sight understood the task on which Bheem had set out. Being his brother, Hanuman knew about Bheem’s strength, but was also aware of the pride entering Bheem’s mind and decided to teach him a lesson. He transformed himself into an old monkey and sat on the path laying his tail in between the path.

Bheem spots the old monkey with its tail lying in the mid path and first tries to scare it off. But the monkey does not budge. Then Bheem asks the monkey to remove the tail from his way as it was not manners to cross over and walk. Hanuman turns to him and asks him his identity. When Bheem gives a proud introduction of himself, Hanuman acts fearful and says that he was an old monkey and as he couldn’t move, he asks Bheem to remove the tail for himself and go ahead.

Bheem laughs with pride and tries to push the tail with his feet, but it does not move. Then he tries to lift it with one hand, yet there is no use. Bheem uses both his hands and tries to lift the tail, but it was stuck to the ground firmly and Bheem couldn’t move it an inch.

Hanuman starts laughing at him for his inability to move an old monkey’s tail. This puts Bheem in thought that the old monkey was not just anybody, but the great warrior Hanuman. Bheem falls at Hanuman’s feet and asks him to reveal his true self and forgive him.

Hanuman comes into his original form and blesses Bheem. When Bheem praises Hanuman for his strength, Hanuman simply says that his strength is because of Shri Ram’s blessings nothing else. Bheem is awestruck with his words and realises that true strength lies in being humble, but not in pride.

When Bheem asks for forgiveness, Hanuman blesses Bheem that he would reside on the flag staff of the chariot of Shri Krishna and Arjun and lead them to victory in the war of Kurukshetra. With his gentle and intelligent act, Hanuman wipes away the pride in Bheem’s heart and makes him a true warrior with humility as his greatest weapon and blesses Bheem for victory in the task he set out.