Hanuman to the rescue

Life is not always the same and many unpredictable events happen. What is important is the learning we get from such events. In Ramayan, one such significant event is when Lakshman falls unconscious with the blow of Indrajeet and how Hanuman comes to the rescue. It teaches us the greatest lesson that even in dire situations, one should not lose hope. Every problem has a solution.


The battle of Lanka was totally dominated by Shri Ram and all the warriors of Lanka succumbed to death. Indrajeet looking at his father’s grief sets out to battle. He challenges Lakshman for battle. The heroic Lakshman accepts the challenge. Although Indrajeet is a powerful warrior, he is unable to counter many of Lakashman’s powerful arrows and resorts to sorcery in war. He becomes invisible in the battle field and starts attacking Lakshman from all sides. Although Lakshman could aim the powerful Brahmastr at Indrajeet, he abides to Shri Ram’s command and does not use it. Indrajeet has the upper hand because of his magic tricks and strikes Lakshman with the powerful Shakti missile. Hit by it, Lakshman falls unconscious. Indrajeet believing he has won the battle, retires to Lanka.

The camp of Shri Ram is in total despair. Shri Ram laments bitterly over his brother’s plight. The great warrior who has the power to control all his senses has no control over his grief and cries bitterly for his brother. He remembers all the sacrifices and unconditional service done by Lakshman to him and says that he would not be alive, lest anything happens to his dear brother. He laments that fighting such a great war when he has to lose his brother is of waste. Shri Ram vows not to return back to Ayodhya without Lakshman, as he believes life is a sheer waste without him.

However, all is not gone and the monkey physician Sushen consoles Shri Ram that Lakshman can be saved. Sushen mentions of the divine herbs Sanjivini along with the herbs of Vishalya karani, Suvarna karani and Sandhani available on the Dron Parvat in the Himalayas. He mentions that if the herbs can be bought before sunrise, Lakshman would regain back conscious. Hanuman immediately acts on to the cause and says that he would get it before sunrise. With great hope, Shri Ram blesses him and sends him knowing that Lakshman’s life is in the hands of Hanuman.

The son of the Wind God travels with the speed of wind and reaches the Himalayas. However, he is unable to trace the herbs. With time running out, the mighty Hanuman uproots the whole mountain and carries it along with him. He reaches Lanka on time, and Sushen immediately treats Lakshman with it. Lakshman regains conscious and gets up with renewed energy bringing immense happiness to Shri Ram. Not only Lakshman, the fragrance of the herbs helps all the monkey army who were badly wounded regain their normal health and get ready for battle again.

Shri Ram has no words to express his delight for his eternal devotee Hanuman. He embraces Hanuman for his great deed and blesses him to be a Chiranjeevi (immortal). This event depicts the deep bond of not only Shri Ram and Lakshman, but also Shri Ram and Hanuman which is only pure love and affection for each other. It also reminds us that one should not get disturbed by any unpredictable situation, but instead face it with courage and hope which will lead to a solution and in turn success.