Hanuman’s journey – Challenges won through devotion


A journey which is ever inspirational for all mankind in the Ramayan is the plunge of Shri Hanuman across the 100 yojana’s Ocean. The journey was not just a quest for Mata Sita’s whereabouts in Lanka, but a journey of faith that when one has total devotion in the task set before him, then any huge Ocean of challenges is just a leap away.
Hanuman is the humble warrior who always credits his accomplishments to the faith in Shri Ram. With a single focus that he has to reach Lanka and meet Mata Sita, Hanuman takes the greatest leap of faith on the hundred Yojanas Ocean and starts his journey to Lanka. The journey was not smooth and for Hanuman, the challenge had just started.
It was Shri Ram’s confidence in him that was the guiding force for Hanuman. Hanuman knew that it was his task to remove the grief of Shri Ram and bring him back the whereabouts of Mata Sita. With devotion on his swami and with the determination to fulfil his master’s quest, Hanuman sets forth. When one has the determination and focus on the goal, then nothing else bothers. With this determination, when the Mainak Mountain arises from the sea to give some rest to Hanuman on his long journey, Hanuman politely refuses it saying that he would not take any rest or food till his mission is accomplished. His strength here is his devotion and the determination to achieve his goal, which one can practise with faith and which will never fail.
Not only being powerful, Hanuman proves that intelligence too plays a part in overcoming a challenge. When Surasa challenges Hanuman, the noble warrior chooses not to fight, but to deal her challenge with brains, and thus fulfils her wish of entering her mouth and immediately lunges back out too. Hanuman proves that a tricky situation becomes smooth when dealt with tact and intelligence.
Devotion and faith helps not only move forward , but also to face unknown encounters, While Hanuman chooses to avoid a confrontation with Surasa, at the same time, he confronts the demoness Simhika and kills her. This he does as Simhika represents the weakness of mind and how it succumbs to negative thoughts. But Hanuman fights with positivity and gives inspiration to fight our insecurities with dare and win over them.

The final touchdown of Hanuman is his fight with Lankini, but nothing defies the spirit of Hanuman. First he politely seeks permission to enter Lanka, but when Lankini refuses, Hanuman shows her his strength. Lankini surrenders and says to Hanuman that the doom of Lanka has begun with her defeat. This fight of Hanuman is like the finale test which the Almighty puts us to. But with complete surrender and total faith in him, one can overcome it just as Hanuman did with Lankini.
The best lesson what Hanuman’s aerial journey gives us is the focus on the challenge and looking out for resources to overcome it. When the focus is on the goal and the heart is set with faith and devotion on the Almighty, then it is the Almighty itself who shows the way and when the Almighty shows the way, there is no looking back, proves Shri Hanuman.