Hanuman’s strategy in striking the first blow on Lanka

For any mission to be accomplished, one need to have proper planning, especially when it is fight involved between the good and the bad forces, strategy is quite important. Although the evil forces always have the upper hand as they resort to any sort of means to get their work done, but the good waits patiently through struggles, finds a solution and finally emerges victorious in its mission.

Ravan resorts to deceit and abducts Mata Sita. However, Shri Ram does not lose hope and as his messenger, Hanuman meets Mata Sita thus, successfully accomplishing the first hurdle. After reassuring Mata Sita that Shri Ram would come and rescue her, Hanuman now thinks of his next strategy. As a wise and an intellectual warrior, he thinks that it is necessary to understand the enemy’s strength and then, hit the first blow on Ravan’s confidence and the people of Lanka.

The Sastras mentions three strategies of success for winning over an enemy which are to create conflict or, bribe or open attack. The truthful ones always chose the third one, and thus Hanuman decides to openly declare the power of Shri Ram through an open attack in the golden city. He was confident that the demons would become mentally weak, if he killed few of their powerful warriors in Lanka. He starts with the destruction of the most coveted garden of Lanka, the Ashok van.

The intellect of Hanuman is worth praising as he strikes the first blow on one of the most favourite places of Ravan. Although being alone, with immense faith in Shri Ram and his prowess, he decides to fight the demons single handed. Hanuman uproots trees, damages the beautiful pillars of creepers, flowers and lays waste in the grove. The magnificent grove becomes like a forest burnt in wild fire. After destroying the grove, Hanuman waits for the demons to come to him.

Just as Hanuman anticipates, at first, it is all panic in Lanka. Seeing the devastation caused by Hanuman rush to Ravan and report the havoc done by a mighty monkey. The evil forces inside the heart fear the good ones, but they try to cover it up through their ego and arrogance, and Ravan does the same. Ravan first fears in mind as to who is the person who could first enter the impregnable Lanka. However he hides it and sends 80000 demons tobkill Hanuman. But, Hanuman kills them all. Ravan then sends his grandson Jambumali. But Jambumali, son of Prahast is in turn killed by Hanuman. He then kills the seven sons of Prahast and the five army generals Virupaksh, Yupaksh, Durdhar, Praghas and Bhasakarn and finally Aksha Kumar, the youngest son of Ravan. Thus, Hanuman kills the mighty warriors of Ravan and shouts the names of Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sugriv aloud to the people of Lanka. Thus Hanuman sows the first seed of fear in the people of Lanka.


One can accomplish a purpose when he does the secondary tasks following the prime task in a strategical way. The one who knows how to implement such strategies is always successful. The prime task of Hanuman was to find out about Mata Sita, then as a loyal servant to his master Shri Ram also does the secondary task of declaring the strength of Shri Ram and creating fear in the enemy of his name. Hence Hanuman is called the wisest among all warriors of Shri Ram’s army.