Helping in need is Humanity proves Shri Ram

There are many people in our life who surround us during happy and successful times, but the number diminishes when in times of adversities which has become the nature of human life in these modern times. Yet, the essence of humanity still remains as there are people who still reach out to mankind in times of adveristies no matter they are not seen during festivities and celebration of life. Such people prove that being helpful to people in times of need is what makes us human and for every such person the foundation of such thoughts has been laid by our age old epics especially the Ramayan and how Shri Ram proves that being helpful is humanity.


It was very much in the nature of Shri Ram to caring for people. During his travel to Mithila, they come across Rishi Gautam’s ashram which looks desolate. Rishi Vishwamitr remembers Mata Ahalya while mentioning to Shri Ram that she would be revived from the curse by a person who would understand that she was a victim of circumstances. Immediately Shri Ram steps forward and touches her with his lotus feet reliving her from the curse. Shri Ram does not judge her actions, nor looks at her past. He only affirms that she is a pure soul and needs to be helped. This benevolent nature of Shri Ram is a beautiful insight that a past of one’s life is not to be dwelled upon and what matters is being helpful to others in present.

When a person is affected by adversities, he is occupied by thoughts of how to come out the problems and make his life better. But, Shri Ram stands out here with his exceptional behaviour in the times where he gives priority to relieve the sages of the forest from the demons rather than his hardships. Listening to the plight of the sages, Shri Ram takes a vow and becomes their protector and makes his stay in the forest purposeful to the sages. When a man thinks of benefitting others even in hardships, then he inspires others to gain courage to fight their problems and stay strong.

The most striking nature of Shri Ram is he helped people without any conditions. He offers his complete support to Sugriv and slays Bali for the injustice done to Sugriv. This, Shri Ram does not because of a return favour, but because he befriended Sugriv and promised to bring Bali to justice for the misery of Sugriv. Shri Ram also gives ample time to Sugriv to set his kingdom affairs properly although the search for Mata Sita was most needed. Being helpful unconditionally is something very rare and becomes a greatest virtue of a human, if imbibed.
Shri Ram trusts Vibhishan as his friend and gives him refuge immediately when Vibhishan approaches him. Shri Ram puts ahead himself and saves Visbhishan‘s life too in the attack by Ravan, proving that he never goes back on his word. Helping an individual without judging whether he is a friend or foe but only based on his character is something only humans can do, and Shri Ram shows that this is possible through pure love and trust.

The value of humanity is known only when we are helpful to each other small or big. Shri Ram proves this as an inspiration where all hide helpful deeds have becomes lessons of compassion and humanity towards others which is a beautiful virtue.