How Shri Krishna got indebted to Draupadi

The Almighty is the one who bestows favours and boons for mankind for their devotion and faith. However, it happens sometimes that even the Almighty is favoured by the devotees and he becomes indebted to them. However, he remembers even those small gestures of love and affection and grants them help when in times most needed. One such favour was of Draupadi to whom Shri Krishna had become indebted and he returned it back in her utmost needed time.

The consort of the Pandavas, Draupadi who was also called as Krishne, as the loving sister of Shri Krishna had total faith in Shri Krishna. She believed in him completely as her saviour and God and worshipped him with all conviction. She took care of him always and saw to that whenever he visited Indraprasth he was totally comfortable and relaxed. Once Shri Krishna along with his consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama comes visiting the Pandavas where they are welcomed with due honours by Yudhishtir and his brothers. Draupadi took care of all the needs of Shri Krishna herself and saw to it that he did not have discomfort.

Once after having a sumptuous meal, Shri Krishna takes an apple in his hand and cuts it with a knife in order to eat it. But accidentally, he cuts his finger. Seeing that Rukmini and Satyabhama rush to get medicine for it. But Draupadi who was standing near him immediately rips apart the corner of her saree and wraps it around his wound. Shri Krishna fondly looks at her and tells her that this gesture of concern and care for him has left a debt on him and he would repay it when the time comes.

Days pass by and destiny changes. The Pandavas are invited for the game of dice by the Kauravas and they lose their kingdom, riches and themselves to the deceit of Shakuni and Duryodhana. With arrogance and ego reaching a pinnacle, Draupadi is bought into the court dragged by Dusshashan who starts pulling her drapes. Draupadi’s requests and pleads all the great warriors of the court to save her, but none comes forward. Understanding that Shri Krishna is the only one who can save her, she prays to him and the compassionate one immediately responds. He sends her innumerable drapes which cover her body. As and when even before Dusshasan pulls off her drape, another saree appears and Draupadi is intact as she was before. All the efforts of the Kauravas to insult Draupadi and the Pandavas go in vain. Draupadi is saved, so is the respect of womanhood. The Pandavas seek revenge for what has happened and vow to kill all of the evil Kauravas for dishonouring Draupadi.

If not for Shri Krishna, the honour of a woman would be lost. Shri Krishna not only saves the honour of a woman, but in this way he also repays his debt of his dear sister who offered him a small piece of her saree to cure his wound. Shri Krishna who knew the future also knew his roleplay in safeguarding his sister.

The almighty never forgets or neglects the call of his devotees. By granting Draupadi countless drapes of sarees in return for a small piece of cloth, he repaid his debt to his sister who had complete trust and faith in him. This only proves that a good deed done out of pure love and humanity is always remembered, not only my mankind, but also by the Supreme Being.