How Shri Krishna helped Arjun get his bow Gandiv

The duo of Shri Krishna and Arjun is the most lovable when it comes to defining friendship and care. Shri Krishna adored Arjun as his inner life and Arjun was a great devotee of Shri Krishna. With their companionship, Shri Krishna and Arjun performed many divine deeds which were helpful for the restoration of Dharma in many ways. Their strength is defined by the incident where they got their divine weapons too at the same time, from Agni dev, whom they helped in gaining back hi lost form and this is an interesting and a popular story.


Nothing stands in front of Agni and all perish in his powerful fire. However, it was not the same when he was born. It was because of a curse by Rishi Brigu that Agni became the all perishable one. But, understanding the importance of Agni Dev, Brahma Ji changed the curse into a boon that whatever would be touched by him would become pure and hence he would be invoked during all sacred rituals and would be considered the purest form of offerings.

After this, all offerings came to be given to the Devas through Agni Dev. In this course, a king named Swetaki performed a Yagna for twelve years and continuously poured pure ghee into Agni. Because of this consumption of ghee, Agni started to suffer from indigestion and lost all his radiance. When he approached Brahma Ji for a solution, the creator told him to consume the Khandav forest with many medicinal herbs which would cure Agni’s indigestion. When Agni tried to do the same, his attempt was foiled by Devraj Indr as Indr’s friend Takshak, the king of snakes was residing in the Khandav forest. Despite several attempts, Agni fails to tackle Devraj Indr‘s power and seeks refugee of Brahma Ji. Brahma ji asks him to approach Nar and Narayan who incarnated as Arjun and Shri Krishna to help him in his task.

Agni rushes to Shri Krishna and Arjun and seeks their help. Shri Krishna agrees to this, but says although they are knowledgeable in warfare, they do not have the perfect weapons to fight Devraj Indr. Agni then requests his friend Varun, the water god to provide them with divine weapons, and thus Shri Krishna gets his Sudrashan Chakr and Arjun, his Gandiv. Set by the divine weaponry, both of them start guarding the forest form the downpour of Devraj Indr while Agni consumes the forest. Devraj Indr comes to a battle with all his army, but cannot withstand the power of Shri Krishna and Arjun. They successfully help Agni to consume the entire forest and get rid of his indigestion and glow back with his power.

When Devraj indr was worried about his friend, Brahma Ji appears and mentions to Indr that Takshak was already taken to a safe place by the Nagas and there was nothing to worry about. Indr is pleased by this and grants Shri Krishna and Arjun protection from his thunderbolt that it can never harm them. Thus Agni was cured from his indigestion, and also Arjun got his great bow of Gandiv through the mighty compassion of Shri Krishna.