Ideals for developing the personality of a human through Baal Kand

A small child’s heart is pure and innocent. The little child only yearns for little attention, care and love and in turn gives smiles and hugs filled with infinite love which brighten up the family and also life. When such pure and innocent hearts are imbibed with values of truth, humility, courage and righteousness, they go on to win the hearts of the entire mankind. The very foundation of building such core values is the family. When a family is strong in ethics, each person develops a personality which is ethical for self, society and the country too. These ideals are countless in the Baal Kand of Ramayan. While each Kand depicts an aspect of Dharma, Baal Kand portrays the importance of all the people who mentor an individual to develop his/ her personality in the right way.


The Baal Kand explains the relation of love between parents and children, which is the first foundation for a human. The parents are the first teachers of the family and it is through them that one learns to differentiate between good and bad. Maharaj Dasarath with Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra not only bought up their four sons with love and affection, but also discipline. In spite of being the princes of Ayodhya, Shri Ram and his brothers are sent to the Gurukul as common people, to learn the ideals equality and giving respect to all people of the society. It is on this very foundation of equality that Shri Ram develops the beautiful bonds of friendship and devotion with Nishad Raj Guh, Kewat and Mata Shabari, respecting them for what they are and never showing pride in himself.

Humility is the priceless ornament which when adorned, brings great radiance to the individual. The first humility lesson is always taught by the Guru where one learns to surrender at the feet of the Guru and gain knowledge. Shri Ram and his brothers live a simple life in the Gurukul Ashram, but gain the richest treasure of knowledge which makes them complete in their learning.

Along with humility, Rishi Vasisht teaches the four brothers all hardships a common man faces, which later helps Shri Ram and Lakshman to face the hardships of the jungle. It helps Bharat who deliberately sacrifices a comfort life along with his brothers. Shatrughan’s silent sacrifice of taking up the responsibilities is again a beautiful lesson of how the youngsters in the family should be loyal to the elders.

A child growing on the foundations of truth, simplicity, humility and respect gains the greatest courage to face all challenges of life. Giving respect to his elders, Shri Ram and Lakshman follow the command of their father and go with Rishi Vishwamitr and fight the demons Marich and Subahu and gain fame as the valorous princes. With humility and service, they win the heart of the great Rishi Vishwamitr and gain advanced knowledge of weaponry.

With their simple and noble behaviour they win the hearts of the people of Mithila and finally shining with all these virtues, Shri Ram wins the heart and hand of his beloved princess Sita. It is not beyond comprehension, that the Baal Kand is a perfect guide

for today’s modern family concepts to stay strong and connected with each other with values of love, respect, discipline and humility.